Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Domino Counter for?

How are you?
For this entry,I gonna explain to you
what domino's counter working for.

It actually same like total pageviews,
but this one is record from today
Wednesday,April 13,2011.
So how many time people visit my blog
is start record from today.

But how about total pageviews?
1. What it working for?
There's domino counter already.
2. If it still needed?
( question from readers..I create it haha,,, )

Answer question no.1 ~
Ok,total pageviews is a little bit different.
It also record how many time my blog is viewed
but it start record at the first time this blog is created *maybe*.
It automatically record *maybe* because it powered by blogger.

Answer for question no.2 ~
Yupp,,,it still needed because it is totally different
with Domino Counter.

I loves Domino Counter because it's template,background
and something else is really cute.

I loves Total Pageviews because it automatically record
from the first time this blog is created. *maybe*

For the symbols '*maybe*' is I'm not so sure about what I write.
So,if you got it some information about it.Comment at my blog
or write at your blog and ask me to open it.
Thank You for read :)

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