Thursday, April 14, 2011



Some people ask me this :

  1. "whether you don't feel hot wearing hijab?"
  2. "does you don't feel miserable wearing hijab everyday?"
  3. "do you comfortable wearing a hijab?
  4. "why you wearing a hijab,your hair is already wonderful?"
My answer is like this :
  1. :: "no,actually i feel more cool."
  2. :: "nope,i feel comfortable and it's already my important thing when want to go out."
  3. "of course,absolutely!"
  4. (actually this people is muslim..for what she asked me,she know the answer already)"but i think i look more wonderful when wearing a hijab and when i don't wear it..for me it just same like i don't wear anything".
How sweet is that girl in the picture when she wearing a hijab :)
So,thinking positive about hijab (+) not negative(-).
Don't be ashamed to wearing a hijab because hijab gives everybody a profit.
When you wearing a hijab you get an award from Allah and you also don't make
other people get sins.
You know why other people get sins when you don't wearing a hijab?
They will get sins because they look at your hair,our hair is a 'aurat',muslimah.
But some FREE hair girls said this "who asked you to look at my hair?"
My answer for that is this " go to the public everybody can see you..we have eyes.. or just go to the privete blind people place..nobody could see you there..".
Remember that okay.
Our hair bring destruction to the others.
Whatever had been ~

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