Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jungle Zone !!!


Character in this story :
  1. SIR.ABC
  5. SIR.MNO
Jungle Zone (3x)
I was here...
You cheer up me today !!!


I went to jungle zone last...last...last week..
I dunno when I went there but I remember it was on Friday yepp sorry.
I go with ma family...
I saw MISS.DEF with MISS.GHI family...
I poke MISS.DEF,but MISS.GHI just quiet.
Than I saw SIR.ABC , SIR.MNO with their family....0ooo I shy :D
Then I play something dunno the name...with MISS.JKL , SIR.ABC (awww :D) and SIR.MNO.
SIR.ABC sat beside me (probably MISS.DEF wanna said this to me "so lucky you! i wanna too")
at that time,MISS.JKL wanna change place with me..but I just ignore her haha :D
because I wanna seat with SIR.ABC muahahah :D So,MISS.JKL sat next to me with SIR.MNO...
I sat next to SIR.ABC and MISS.JKL..hehe :D

Moral of this story : Just wanna make MISS.DEF jealous..haha just wanna tell you all
that I sat next to SIR.ABC haha :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teacher :)

Miss you..
Last post on 14,april,2011..
actually just for 7 days I don't update blog,but I feel like 7 week.
school is seriously tired
but happy :)
Thank you to all my teacher for teaching me.
..Love you guyzz..
For student like me say "school is seriously tired".
But how teacher will say?
ermmm think by yourself take a break with Kit Kat first =_=
maybe teacher will say "school is seriously tension!".
But they just cool down infront of their students.
Amusing..what do you think they feel when have to pretend patient infront of students
for half day !!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terkenangkan mereka :')

Hello !

Rasa macam dah lama tak tulis blog in malay.
Last post in malay pon 11/3/11..
lama kan..
Kali ini nak tulis puas-puas.
Dina rindu sangat family kat alor setar,kedah,malaysia.
Ni lirik lagu rekaan semata-mata ku.

ku seorang di kamar,
terkenangkan mereka,
satu persatu terbayang dalam fikiranku,

terkenang hari-hari ku bersama mereka,
kini waktu sudah tiba..ku perlu berpindah jauh dari mereka..
semua ini...karena kehidupan...


bagaimana hendak mengubati rasa
rindu ini...
adakah mereka juga merindui diriku..
tak sanggup ku meninggalkan mereka...
tapi apa kan daya...semua ini karena.............................................
Kita jumpa ja...bulan 8 ni..hehe :D tak lagu I..mesti kind of funny and kind of sad kan..kan..
Nak dengar I nyanyi ? topic lain please...xde lah.. lain kali kot..tapi kalau ada free time nanti
I record video I nyanyi okiesss...
Apa nak dengar I cakap Kedah?
( best dak post kami yang terbangu ni...? best gila kan..nak dengaq kami nyanyi ? len kali kot noh..ada free time kami record lahh ya..Insya-Allah,kami akan usahakan untuk merecord video sambil menyanyi lagu 'Terkenangkan mereka' ini..walaupun rekaan semata-mata noh )

Bye jumpa di entri or post or entry bangu ok..haha... :D
but next post in english..sometime je tulis mlayu +++ kedah kot..



Some people ask me this :

  1. "whether you don't feel hot wearing hijab?"
  2. "does you don't feel miserable wearing hijab everyday?"
  3. "do you comfortable wearing a hijab?
  4. "why you wearing a hijab,your hair is already wonderful?"
My answer is like this :
  1. :: "no,actually i feel more cool."
  2. :: "nope,i feel comfortable and it's already my important thing when want to go out."
  3. "of course,absolutely!"
  4. (actually this people is muslim..for what she asked me,she know the answer already)"but i think i look more wonderful when wearing a hijab and when i don't wear it..for me it just same like i don't wear anything".
How sweet is that girl in the picture when she wearing a hijab :)
So,thinking positive about hijab (+) not negative(-).
Don't be ashamed to wearing a hijab because hijab gives everybody a profit.
When you wearing a hijab you get an award from Allah and you also don't make
other people get sins.
You know why other people get sins when you don't wearing a hijab?
They will get sins because they look at your hair,our hair is a 'aurat',muslimah.
But some FREE hair girls said this "who asked you to look at my hair?"
My answer for that is this " go to the public everybody can see you..we have eyes.. or just go to the privete blind people place..nobody could see you there..".
Remember that okay.
Our hair bring destruction to the others.
Whatever had been ~

Just Can Be Patient ,,,,,


Life is really-really unexpected.
I just asking,not attack.
I won't tell who is the people that said I attacked her/him at her/him blogger.
I won't tell you because people have their own privacy.
Maybe I just tell people that I comfortable to share with.
This word "because people have their own privacy"
make me always control my anger feelings
for not disclose personal information of a person.
Such as her/his name,age and others.

Her/him blog is so cute.
I loves it.
( look!! even I getting mad with her/him but I still telling the truth
that I loves her/his blog )
She/he like to share a tutorials
for blogger people at her/him blog.
I mean people that like to bloggering or edit blog.
I ASK her/him at her/him shoutmix box
or chat box for easily you to understand.
I ASK "hmm awk mmg x izinkan org copy..code yg ade kat blog awk ke?
habis watpe kasi code?"
For whom not understand malay or shortform here is translator for you.
" hmm actually,does you don't allowed people to copy..code at your blog?
so why you give the code?"
"hmm awak memang tak izinkan orang salin..kod yang ada dekat blog awak ka?
habis buat apa bagi kod?"
I know my words looks like I want to attack her/him.
But that's not what I mean.
I know this is just a small problem.
So,I don't want to make it big and long story.
I just end there and not debate or said something that
makes this small problem getting bigger.
I just send her/him message at facebook and try to explained her/him
what actually I mean.
I'm not saying he/she wrong and I'm also not saying I'm true.
Just Allah understand me.

For MISS DOTDOTDOT (he/she/him/her) please forgives me
if I'm wrong and don't worried I had thrown all my anger feelings to you
and I already forgives you.Truly Allah is forgivesness.
Let alone,I'm just the weak peoples.

Whatever,had been in my lifes..LIFE GOES ON before
I blowing my last breath.. :')
Thank you for reading.. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Domino Counter for?

How are you?
For this entry,I gonna explain to you
what domino's counter working for.

It actually same like total pageviews,
but this one is record from today
Wednesday,April 13,2011.
So how many time people visit my blog
is start record from today.

But how about total pageviews?
1. What it working for?
There's domino counter already.
2. If it still needed?
( question from readers..I create it haha,,, )

Answer question no.1 ~
Ok,total pageviews is a little bit different.
It also record how many time my blog is viewed
but it start record at the first time this blog is created *maybe*.
It automatically record *maybe* because it powered by blogger.

Answer for question no.2 ~
Yupp,,,it still needed because it is totally different
with Domino Counter.

I loves Domino Counter because it's template,background
and something else is really cute.

I loves Total Pageviews because it automatically record
from the first time this blog is created. *maybe*

For the symbols '*maybe*' is I'm not so sure about what I write.
So,if you got it some information about it.Comment at my blog
or write at your blog and ask me to open it.
Thank You for read :)

Break was gonna end! Yay!


My post title look weird ya..
What do you think I'm feeling know?
The key is my title..

Close your eyes..
Give me your hand
Do yo feel the same?
I'm glad you wake me up..
I actually just wanna ask you to close your eyes.
But look what's happen know.
I'm started singing and dreaming If I am a Princess Loofa
just such as Breezy.
ooooo no...I just kidding..'s funny,,,
maybe some of you don't know who is Princess Loofa
and who is Breezy.
Just Dukhan English School student know it.
Are you close your eyes know..
and your answer is on your head know?
because the answer will come after this SUPRISE LINES..
Ok,now open your eyes..ready for looking to the SUPRISE LINES..
Ready! Set! 1 2 3! Go!

The answer is suppose to be like this = You are happy when Break was want to end.

This is all 6 things why I happy when break was gonna end :

* can't go holiday at other places

* so boring staying at home

* boring

* b.o.r.i.n.g


* B.O.R.I.N.G

This just,2 things why I sad when break was gonna end :

* Cannot playing Ice Skating as now

* Cannot always update blog and online facebook as now because no time when normal day

That's all see you next time!
..I <3 you all as my friends..
..and a little bit as my dotdotdot..

Nadreen ! :) :D :P

The first classmate that came to my house.
She is awesome..

Initially,she said she wanna come to my house yesterday.
But last min her mom ask her to go to swimming.
She have to go swimming,so it's delay to today.
At that time,I'm sleeping.
Then my mom calling me,she said Nadreen called you!
Ok I go..and pick up the phone,then Nad ask me to waiting outside.
She was looking for my house.
Then,I shocked at that time! OMGOSSHH..
" I don't take a bath yet Nad ", I said to her.
Then,she said "it's ok" but I ask my mom to go out..
and I go and take a bath quickly.HAHA funny..
We not playing so much things
because there's not much times.
She came on 11:45 and go back on 2:30.

First thing,we playing MONOPOLIO.
Second ,we playing CLAY.
Third ,we playing at the field try to fly our DT rocket.
Fourth ,we just staying at the room and read my blog,
talking about rabbits and *cannot tell you secret..
but Live Goes On...hehe :D
We talking about rabbits because Nadreen just starting keep
rabbits as her pet yesterday,so I told her..
How hard to keep rabbits as pets..
Maybe for who that professional about taking care of rabbits..
said this " HARD??? nonsense this girl it's really easy! "
But for who that low about taking care of rabbits will said this
" ooo..ya..I agreed with you's relly hard"
You know guyz..
I have experience kept rabbits as my pets.
I had kept 4 rabbits as my pets but all of them DIED and LOST.
Really HARD!
So,this is what I want to say:

" For who not professional about taking cares of rabbits,don't kept them as your pets
because it's really HARD! If you love them and wanna look them multiply.Let their stay under
professional peoples ONLY.But if Allah let,Insya-Allah nothing will happen.Thank you
for listening to Lecturer Marha. "

Check it out here for a tips about taking care of cute rabbits <3
Tips about rabbit here! click it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Am I need a BFF at Dukhan?

I don't know what should I do
It is like this.....

One day when Miss Secret 1 is online her facebook,
I ask her on chat to open this blog because
I had write about her and others.
After she open,she said to me "wow!"

You know why?

She said "wow!" because when she open my blog,
it's automatically ( SECRET - SHY BOY ) song.
Then I said "I love that song".
Then she said me too.
"me,Miss Secret 2 and Miss Secret 3" she said.
Then she asked me do not tell anyone about she likes this song.
That's why I private her and her freinds name.
Then she asked me do I want to join their club.
I mean being their BFF.

My head is miserable !!!
What should I do ???
I have to be fair with Farhana who's very nice
and kind girl that accompany me break time at school.
She help me so manything.
I indebted many things with her.
I mean I indebted kindness with her
not money or things.
Allah said :

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, jadilah kamu orang-orang yang benar-benar menegakkan Keadilan, menjadi saksi karena Allah, biarpun terhadap dirimu sendiri ataupun ibu bapamu dan kaum keluargamu. Jika ia kaya ataupun miskin, Allah lebih mengetahui keadaan keduanya, maka janganlah kamu mengikuti hawa nafsu, sehingga kamu tidak berlaku adil. Jika kamu memutar belikkan, atau engggan menjadi saksi, sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui segala apa yang kamu kerjakan."

Shaping the Clay !!!

The one with blue star is pizza,it have
many colour in such as colourful.
The one which pure white is a sandwich it actually not pure because
in it have green and yellow colours,it such like vegetables and cheese.
The one which 90% blue is a baby milk bottle,
it its very cute..aww..
The one which white,red and blue colours is
mini cupcakes..with strawberry + bluberry flavour :D
yum! yummy!
The last one which lying in floor whith oranges colour
is Lollipop..

Where did you get an idea to do this?

Wait..wait..wait..I think I hear someone ask me where did I get an idea to do this?..
I got it from N..... S......
Do you know who is it?
It is OWPSS NO..NO..think it urself ;)
Thank You NS...
Bye2 see you next entry..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cute Cartoon Animation :)

Spongebob SquarePants...

Cookie monster...


Hello Kitty...

Hello Kitty Theme Song :

This is the lyrics for no.2 links because there's no lyrics at the video.

Hello Kitty, Play with us today.
We'll laugh and sing on this lovely sunny day.
All your friends are waiting for you, ready to run and play.
Everyone will gather round. This is what they'll say:
"When we see your friendly smile, you brighten up our day."
Oh! Hello, Hello Kitty, Hello's your friend.
Your smile is pretty like a flower that's in bloom.
Love is in your heart. It sings a happy tune.
Hello, Hello Kitty. Play with us today.

I loves Hello Kitty -L-O-V-E
Jessica loves Spongebob SquarePants -L-O-V-E
Nadreen loves Cookie Monster -L-O-V-E
Nadhirah loves Domo -L-O-V-E

Actually both of them ( hello kitty,spongebob squarepants,domo and cookie monster )
is really cute..but people have their own taste.For me Hello Kitty is the cutest but for Jessica Spongebob SquarePants is the cutest,for Nadreen cookie monster is the cutest and for Nadhirah Domo is the cutest.That is the proof for people have their own taste.Ok bye2 see you next post.

Loves Marha.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Answer for Ice Skating questions...

I really-really sorry for given the answer lately.
Looks like everyone give the correct answer but not 100% correct.
The answer is suppose to be like this :

SPLASH = You fall on the ice.
OUCH = You injurt when fall.


NO.1 100% correct is VARSHA..
NO.2 90% correct is MUQRI..
NO.3 80% correct is JESSICA..
NO.4 70% correct is NADREEN..

Sorry I tell the story about Ice Skating later :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dreams..


I've always dream,
A muslimah friends..
A nice friend..
A kind friend..
A truthful friend..
An ungrateful friend..
and she happy if I ask for help.
She's happy to help me..

I think I found a friend that exellent all things that I wanted too.
Her name is Sofhia.
Now I can't met her.
I staying far away from her.
She staying at Malaysia.
But I'm staying Qatar.

Once,we had became a best friends and untill now we still BFF.
But it just for me,I don't know wether she still accept me as her BFF or not.
I just very-very hope she still accept me as her BFF.
Even we staying far,my sprit of being her BFF still close.
I don't have BFF here,and I don't want a BFF because Sofhia is the only my BFF
in this world.
She have many same things like me.
She likes to acting just like me.
She likes to singing just like me.
She always dreaming for being a Princess,just like me!

Ok Sofhia.
Don't be mind I've always remember you.
(: !BFF! :)

Love Marha. <3

Ice Skating ..Question :)



For 11 years old this is my first time playing ice skating.
I play at Villagio,Doha,Qatar.
Don't you know

I'll give the answer on 8/4/11,so you have 2 days for think about it.
Please comment to answer and the story about ice skating
will be publish on 8/4/11 too.
Even you give the answer early,
I'll not give the true answer early as you give me.
Thank You for follow this Question.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Friends...!

_From left me,syakirah,annisa,syafiqah,jasmin and adriana _

We all at AKIS Al-Khor International School,
Watching our parents netball resistance,
We all became supporter,
Or Pom-Pom girl! haha not really,
Just give a supports to DNT
Dukhan Netball Team,
We all shouted DUKHAN!
With sprit!
First game,with AKNT,
Al-Khor Netball Team,
and we are the winner!
Second game DNT with AKNT,
We not there just Doha Netball Team and
Al-Khor Netball Team AKNT won!,
Third game DNT with DNT,
Dukhan Netball Team with Doha Netball Team,
I don't know who won,
Final DNT with AKNT,
We frust we not won the game,
But it is queit good ya..
DNT practice just for 2 weeks and got 2nd place!
I close with them because of this..
I like playing with them all.. :D
We playing Basketball and Netball :)


<-----------------------------------------------------This or


Now,no more malay novel, I miss..I miss..! I miss..Malay novel..
It's more comfortable to read our own language ya..
Ya..we understand in Brithish language..
But..arghhh!..I don't know how to explain..
But..If I have a chance to choose a novel,one -British novel- two -Malay novel-..
British novel,about girl sleepover and Malay novel,about princess.
Of course,I said "Hey! if wanna gives a chance please gives one about a boring novel and another one about very interesting novel,so I can easily choose the one very interesting novel.But look what you do! both of that is very interesting! by looking the title.Daa..look! what will I choose now! I think I have an idea :) what do you think my idea????? I want the Malay novel! After that I'm going to the Book Shop and buy the British novel hehehe :D because no Malay novel here (Dukhan) just British and Idea ya??But where can I get the money????ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.."
Just IF I get the chance..but I don't get it..just a dreaming MARHA!
But I can get any book by borrow from my school DUKHAN ENGLISH SCHOOL..
Thanks DES!

Bye-bye see you soon!