Monday, April 11, 2011

Shaping the Clay !!!

The one with blue star is pizza,it have
many colour in such as colourful.
The one which pure white is a sandwich it actually not pure because
in it have green and yellow colours,it such like vegetables and cheese.
The one which 90% blue is a baby milk bottle,
it its very cute..aww..
The one which white,red and blue colours is
mini cupcakes..with strawberry + bluberry flavour :D
yum! yummy!
The last one which lying in floor whith oranges colour
is Lollipop..

Where did you get an idea to do this?

Wait..wait..wait..I think I hear someone ask me where did I get an idea to do this?..
I got it from N..... S......
Do you know who is it?
It is OWPSS NO..NO..think it urself ;)
Thank You NS...
Bye2 see you next entry..