Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Resolution!:)

Hey. WHUT, time flies so fast. Today, it's the 1st January of 2013. Can you believe that? it's 2013. Because I can't.. *slapping my face*. Hehe. By the way today is the first blank page of a 365 pages book. WRITE A GOOD ONE!:) Many things happened on the previous year, 2012. Some are sad and some are happy. But c'mon! That's LIFE..Alhamdulillah, only Allah knows how I feel right now, knowing that He still give me the chance to still breathing right now! Thank you Allah:') By the way, common things that people do every new year is setting a new GOAL or what we called Resolution. Hurm, so I have my own resolution as well.
  • To be a better person (not a different person) 
  • Study Hard (there's a big test next year, YR9)
  • To make my family proud of me
  • Khatam Al-Quran
  • To pray on time
  • To be a good friend
  • To be a solehah daughter
  • To be a role-model for my brothers
  • To seek for His blessing
Those are all that I could think. InsyaAllah ^_^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Berat Hati.

Ya Allah, terasa cepat sungguh masa berlalu. hari Khamis -13|09|12- cukup 2 bulan Dina, Mama dan adik2 tinggal di Malaysia. :( hanya Engkau yang mengetahui perasaan ini Ya Allah...

Berat hati ini, nak meninggalkan Malaysia.
Tambahan pula, hanya sekali dalam setahun dapat pulang ke Malaysia.

Bertambah berat hati ini, nak meninggalkan rumah tempat ku membesar.
Rasanya perit sangat, andai aku boleh bawak rumah ni pulang sekali.

Lagi berat hati ini, nak meninggalkan ahli keluarga lain yg tersayang.
Lebih sukar rasanya nak meniggalkan Tok yg masih lagi dalam keadaan yg kurang sihat.

❥ | N M I B S |

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pendirian Yang Tak Tetap.

kadang-kadang dina sendiri tak tau apa yg dina nak jadi. which means dina tak tau kemana hala akan dina tuju. dalam kata singkatnya, dina tak dak cita-2. dina tak dak pendirian yg tetap (bak kat Mama). tapi maksud dina takdak lah dina ni tak bercita-2 langsung.cita2 tu ada tapi selalu bertukar-2. dina ingat lagi, masa umur 5-6 tahun tu. masa sekolah Tadika Al-Fathonah. cita2 dina nak menjadi seorang -architec-. hahaha, bila cakap pasal tadika. ada satu perkara yg insyaAllah sampai bila2 akan segar dalam ingatan.

then, masa masuk umur 7 tahun. cita-2 dina bertukar kepada -doktor- rasanya. masa tu tiba2 nk jadi doktor sbb mama la nak sangat dina jadi doktor nanti. pastu masa umur 8-11 tahun cita2 dina semua berdasarkan business. sbb dina macam berminat tengok family dina yg semuanya ada business masing2. tapi sekarang ntah la. takdak cita-2 dah.

tapi apa yg dina tau dina nak berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. dan mendapat keredhaan Allah s.w.t dan kedua ibu bapa dina. insyaAllah besar sikit lagi nanti, dina dapat la kot ilham nak bercita2 apa. hehehe doa-2 kan lah dina yaaa. Assalamualaikum:)

|N M I B S|

Friday, June 29, 2012

Why didn't I realize?!

Hi! Kayy How do I start my essay?? Essay?? Haha no Laah :D
I spend my life in quite many different countries and states..
But only in Two different schools in 2 different countries..
And it is quite upset me, that every time I got new friends and we started to be so closed,
I have to move to other places, countries, states and what so ever.. :(
Sometimes I'm kind of giving up of this -moving- life..
I'm feeling like me & my family living in an air plane..yeah I mean like we can just move anywhere we want, to any countries we want...( >.< )
I feel like I'm the most unlucky person :\

But actually I didn't realize that I'm lucky that what I thought (Astaghfirullah)..I just realize that there are a lot more people in this world that has never get to feel boarding the air plane and just stay in the same country and also never seeing the the other countries..Ya Allah why I still don't know how to be grateful to You..I have everything that I need!! But I'm still being so greedy! Thank You for everything Ya Allah..Thank You for giving me:

~ A fabulous MoM
~ An amazing DaD
~ An incredibly awesome Brothers
~ Caring friends
~ A happy family
~ Spectacular aunties and uncles
~ Wonderful grandparents
~ Best teachers


Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Feeling :'-\

I'm getting older now,
No longer a child,
Not yet an adult,
But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

Sometimes a silent tear fall from my eyes
As I fell on my knees and cry
No one can see the pain that filled my life
Because it doesn't show in my eyes

Sometimes I feel bad of myself..
When every bad things that happen between me with someone,
They must put a blame on me,
They just judge by what they see,
They don't know what I'm feeling inside,
They don't realize how much I hurt deeply inside my heart hearing their harm words,
I just don't really like to tell people about my feelings,
I always keep it there and it really hurts..

Why must put a blame on me?
Am I that bad?
They only hear her/his story but they don't even wanna hear my story..

Sometimes I feel like I'm living all alone in this world.....
But when I think about Allah,
When I remember that He is there,
That He is watching me all time,
That He is testing me to be a better person,
I always stand up again,
And this time I stand up again for the sake of Allah......... =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday To Me! ❤

Hi! Semuanya sihat? Dina here alhamdulillah okay je.
Okay this is old story, so agak malas nak type laju-laju, sebab not really interested to type this/
But yaa I really wanna tell you guys the storyyy!! Okay 26th January 2012 haritu sy baru je 12 years old daa, alaaaa tau la korang mesti kata alaa sy ni kecik lagi kan! okay tapi takpe that's the truth. Masih panjang lagi perjalanan hidup dina, InsyaAllah..Okaylah birthday dina tu hari Khamis.So That night I was about to go to DWS sebab ramai orang melayu dukhan gi, tapi I cancel my planned and I made a small birthday party at my house! As I can Remember Those were the people that came and in the bracket is present that they gave :

Key: * = share present

-Nasya (Cute Purple Decoration)
-Ayu (Nothing but attending the party was more than enough)
-Brigitte (Birthday Card)
-Nadreen (Hello Kitty Bag and Hello Kitty Lotion)
-Jessica (Pink Flower Bag + wish)
-Ranti (Nothing but attending the party was more than enough)
-Varsha(Spongebob Notebook and Birthday Card)
-*Firdous(Table Lamp)
-*Firdous's sister(Share with her sister)
-Haya(Necklace and Cute tiny little cup decoration)
-*Zulaikha(Birthday Card, amazing sets of lip gloss and a small makeup bag)
-*Syafiqah(Birthday Card and beautiful purse)
-*Syakirah(Birthday Card and share the beautiful purse)
-Nadia(Birthday Note, amazing Portrait of me and spongebob drink glass)
-Farhana(Jewelry and Awesome Birthday Card)
-Adriana(Birthday Note, sets of crayon and cute pink water bottle)
-Ilyana(Birthday Card, Cute Purse and my dream shirt)
-*Annisa(Sleepover Makeup Bag and birthday note)
-*Habibah(Share with her Sister Zulaikha)
-*Jasmin(Share with her sister Annisa)
-Hana(Beautiful Gold Jewelry Box)
-Salma(Cute Birthday Card)

That's All I guess! It's amazing! That many people came, but sadly it's not really fun party. Cause many people cry, many weird things happen. But still Alhamdulillah I love it! Thanks Guys for rock out my world that day :) Also I'm not forgetting my another friend! Fatimah Az-Zahra Sabry, even though she's staying at Doha. She still gave a birthday card to Zulaikha to give it to me. I never expecting that to happen. You are so nice Fatimah!
Jazzakallahukhairan, Syukran ya Ukhti! Ana uhibukki Fillah

Nothing much to say :D

Hola! *coughing* hurmm berhabuk teruk blog ni, lama dah tak update! rindu kat blog serabai ni..Haha, kayy first of all tak de time gila-2 untuk update niee, ni pon curi time revision tau..
Erghh, next week ada Final Exam! But alhamdulillah not all subject include in this exam. Only English, Science, Maths, Languages, Music, Geography and History! Tapi tu laaa, subjects ni semua la yang susah pun kan :\ Kayy, I wish all the best for all of my friend (at malaysia and dukhan) that will be taking a big exam or even a small exam ! Good Luck Guys! And please, pray for my best too! Okay, assalamualaikum. Ilalliqak (Bye) =]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holiday With Movies (17.02.12 - 25.02.)

Hey! To people who stay at Qatar, as I know you guys have a break (holiday) for 1 week right?
Same goes to my school. Kitaorang cuti jugak! So cuti ni kitaorang tak de lah makan,tidur,mandi je.Kitaorang layan movie tau, eh jap jap? sape kitaorang tu..lupe lak nak kasi tau.. ^__^
Kitaorang tu ialah : Me (Dina), Farhana (My Buddy), Muqri (My Bro), Apit (My Little Bro).

List of Movies we watch during the Holiday :

  • Hantu Susu
  • Kembar Siang
  • Al-Hijab
  • Karipap-Karipap Cinta
  • Aku Tak Bodoh
  • 4 Madu
  • Bini-Bini Ku Gangster
  • Kum-Kum
  • Ada Apa Dengan Pocong
  • I'm Not Single
  • Bila Shuib Speaking London
  • Dodol Si Bujang Sepah
  • Raya Tak Jadi
  • Sesuatu Yang Tertinggal
  • 2 Alam

18.02.12 (Saturday)
Petang Sabtu tu Me & Farhana sibuk sangat buat cupcakes untuk birthday mama.
Malam tu pulak kitaorang tak tau nak buat apa, feel bored so kitaorang dapat idea to watch movie! Tapi malam tu Muqri and Apit belum join lagi. Just me & Farhana je. Malam tu Dina pun cadanglah untuk tengok "Hantu Susu". Tapi, Dina mana lah nak ada CD citer tu. Tapi tak pe ape gunanye YOUTUBE kalau tak leh tengok movie kat situ en, so kitaorang pun tengok la "Hantu Susu Full Movie" kat Youtube. Then, after finish watching "Hantu Susu" kitaorang tengok "Kembar Siang"! Huh yang ni baru guna CD. Tapi sayangnya tak tahan la..mengantuk sangat :| So tengok sikit je then tertidur.

Petang Ahad ni kitaorang sambung balik tengok citer "Kembar Siang" and now my two brothers dah join kitaorang tengok. Malam tu kitaorang letih and tak tengok any movie.

Petang Isnin ni kitaorang tengok citer "Al-Hijab" iaitu citer Hantu. Then we stop and do homework. Malam tu kita sambung tengok "Karipap-Karipap Cinta", "Aku Tak Bodoh",
"4 Madu" and "Bini-Bini Ku Gangster". All those movie kitaorang tengok kat youtube je ;D

Petang Selasa pulak kitaorang plan nak tengok "Keramat", "Sumpahan Kum-Kum" and "Karak". So Dina pun dah search la citer-citer tersebut petang tu. Malam tu tiba-tiba bila check balik rumah nye citer-citer tu semua tak full, so we make a decision to watch "Kum-Kum".

Malam Rabu tu kitaorang tengok citer "Ada Apa Dengan Pocong" and "I'm Not Single".
Masa tengok "Ada Apa Dengan Pocong" tu, Farhana dengan Muqri cabar Dina untuk tengok citer tu without tutup mata dengan selimut or tangan :D Guess what I did it kot, tak tutup mata sebab cerita tu tak de lah takut sangat, citer seram campur funny. Masa tengok "I'm Not Single" pulak, Dina asyik jerit sebab suke dengan watak Farid Kamil sebagai Adam dalam citer tu, sweet gilaaa. Yeah you know me! Saya kan emotional and obsessed pasal citer LOVE :)

Malam Khamis pulak kitaorang tengok agak banyak movie, almaklumlah 2 hari lagi je cuti pastu dah sekolah balik. Malam tu kitaorang tengok citer "Bila Shuib Speaking London", "Dodol Si Bujang Sepah", "2 Alam", "Raya Tak Jadi", "Sesuatu Yang Tertinggal". Tapi most of them akan ter-stuck halfway of the movie, yang kitaorang tengok sampai habis cuma "2 Alam" and "Raya Tak Jadi". Tu je :|

Hari Jumaat pulak takde ape yang interesting happen, kitaorang tidur awal sebab takut hari Sabtu nanti tak boleh tidur. Ye la dah biasa tidur lambat one week kan =D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mama & Papa :')

Azrina Binti Abdul Ghani

She's my mom,
She's my best friend,

She's the one that bear the pain while giving birth to me,
She's the one that I respect,
She's the one that support me to Allah's path.

Her loves is what I owned,
Her prays is what I need,
Her smiles is what I love,
Her hug is what I feel,
After Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, she's the one that I Love <3

Assalamualaikum my dear mama,
When I'm small you the one who always near me,
You the one that be my mom and dad when papa is working to other country,
You the one that cry with me when I cry because I miss papa, I'm big and my behavior sometimes can hurt you,

Ma..please don't drop your sadness tears because of me,
You know why? It is because :

" When a mother spilled a drop of sadness tears because of her child, her child will several steps far from Allah's pleasure"
Ma..I want to apologize to you if I ever hurt you,
Ma..thank you for everything, things at this world can pay your kindness, are the queen of my heart, matter when I sad or happy you always be there for me,

Ma..sometimes your anger shows your love
Ma..keep praying for my best, cause Allah always hear your pray, Insya-Allah.

Salmardi Bin Mat Lazim

He's my dad,

He's my superhero,
He's the one that worked hard to survive our family,
He's the leader of the family,
He's the one I respect.

He's the one that guide me with Islamic teaching.

His loves I don't see but I feel,
His loves is invisible but I know it's there,
His prays is what I need,
His smile make my day happy.

After Allah S.W.T , Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and My mom, his the one that I loves <3

Assalamualaikum my dear papa,
When I'm small you not always infront of my eyes,
You always travel to other country for your work,

But that doesn't mean my love to you disappear,
When I'm small I always wish that you will be near me but you can't,
Only Allah knows how much I miss you that time,

But know Allah gives me a chance to have you near me now,
Allah gives me a chance to have a text book (normal) life now,

I'm really gratefu, Alhamdulillah.'re the king of my heart,
Pa..thank you for working so hard to survive our family,

Pa..thank you for your prays,
Pa..please don't stop prays for my best,
Pa..Insya-Allah, Allah will hear your prays.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yang lepas tu lepas lah :')

Hye peeps! Sehat? Dina Alhamdulillah okay je.
Errr actually dah tak tau nak tulis ape, ni pon main tekan-tekan je tau.
Hehe, okay memandangkan tak tau nak tulis ape. Ape kata Dina cerita je pasal
"Yang lepas tu lepas lah". Okeh-okeh?? Mula-mula Dina nak tanya ni, korang pernah tak rasa tak kuat untuk melalui ujian yang menimpa korang? Err mesti pernah kan? So, kalau korang rasa centu Dina ada three solutions. Senang ajek,

1) Berdoalah kepada yang Maha Mengetahui iaitu Allah S.W.T. Mohon lah petunjuk dari-Nya. Mohon lah Dia tunjukkan jalan yang benar buat diri mu. Mohon lah kekuatan dari-Nya untuk melalui ujian yang juga datang dari-Nya. Insya-Allah doa mu bakal di makbul kan.

2) Said this to your self :
"Wahai diri yang lemah dan kerdil disisi Allah, kuatkan lah semangat mu! Yang lepas tu lepaskan lah. Sama lah macam perasaan tu. Lepaskan lah perasaan itu wahai diri. Walau pun mungkin engkau rasa engkau adalah orang yang paling terluka. Tapi engkau salah wahai diri, sememangnya engkau tak. Masih ada orang yang lebih terluka dari diri mu. Wahai diri, ini adalah ujian dari Allah s.w.t. Selagi dia memberi engkau ujian, bersyukurlah kerana itu tanda Allah masih sayangkan engkau. Kuatkan lah iman untuk melalui ujian-Nya ini Wahai Diri! Sesungguhnya Allah menguji kita kerana Dia tahu kita boleh laluinya."

3) Berusaha sedaya-upaya untuk menyelesaikan/melalui masalah itu dengan sabar dan tabah.

Try la! Dina suggest ajek. Sebab Dina pon pernah buat camni.
Okay lah bye sayang-sayangku. Assalamualaikum. Panjang umur jumpe lagi di lain entry :]

Friday, January 13, 2012

Najwa Latiff !

Hye peeps!

Everyone sehat? Rindu Dina tak? Tak letew -,-
Ish3 sampai haty tak rindu Dina nih! Dina pun tak rindu kau la! Dina rindu orang yg
rindu Dina jew (: Hehe, Omg Najwa Latiff :-) Nak tau kenape Najwa Latiff ni? Ermmm, Najwa Latiff approved friend request Dina kat facebook! I'm sure tu her real facebook tau. Not Fake :D
Ya Allah serius proud! LOL ~ tu pun nak proud ek? *giler la aku*

"Assalamualaikum. Thank you so much Kak Najwa for approving me at facebook! I Love You kakak! I love your voice! Your voice is so cute like the owner hehe. You're awesome! I wissh one day I will meet you. Muahh :*"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ya Allah kenapa aku boleh terpikir macam tu?

Hye peeps!
Semalam Dina and some other people pegi tengok Dolphin kat DWS punya beach. Masa naik boat and tengok laut, Dina rasa macam nak terjun je dalam laut. Nak tahu sebab apa? Hanya kerana satu ujian Allah yang Dina dah tak sanggup nak lalui. Hanya kerana kawan yang Dina tak tahu dah nak jaga hatinya atau nak berbaik ngan dia semula. Hanya sebab tu, Dina boleh terpikir nak bunuh diri. Astagfirullahalazim. Tapi nasib baik Dina boleh control diri Dina dari bisikkan syaitan. Alhamdulillah. Tapi serius tahap kesabaran Dina dah hampir hilang masa dalam boat tu. Takpe lah nak buat macam mana kalau Dina ni ditakdirkan buat salah and kena marah je kan :|

Kbye~ Assalamualaikum. Thank You for reading :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ujian :']

Hye peeps!
Semua orang sihat? Dina harap semua sihat, walaupun Dina tak sihat. "Ujian" tu lah title post Dina untuk kali ni. Ni bukan ujian matematik tau! ni Ujian dari Allah s.w.t. Ini ujian tanda kasih sayang-Nya buat Dina dan mungkin 2 orang hamba Allah yang lain ni juga. Dina letih, Dina stress.......Dina tak nak sebab masalah ni boleh merosotkan pelajaran Dina. Hamba Allah 1 ni sepertinya dari dulu lagi nak sangat rapat dengan Dina and hanya lebih kurang beberapa bulan ja kitaorang rapat. Masuk ja term baru tak tahu lah kenape tiba-tiba kitaorang makin terpisah. Sejak kitaorang makin terpisah tu, adalah seorang lagi hamba Allah 2 yang tiba-tiba jugak rapat dengan Dina. Mungkin betul apa yang Hamba Allah 1 tu tulis dekat blog dya. Dya cakap mungking Hamba Allah 2 ini lebih serasi dengan Dina. Tapi kadang-kadang Dina rindu jugak dekat Hamba Allah 1. Dina tak nak tengok seseorang tu menderita sebab Dina. Dina rasa semakin tenang sebab baru-baru ni ada seorang lagi Hamba Allah yang tiba-tiba rapat dengan Hamba Allah 1 ni. Dina rasa bahagia bila tengok orang bahagia. Hidup Dina sebagai seorang sahabat yang tak terlepas dari kesalahan ini hanya lah mengharapkan semua rakan-rakan Dina bahagia dunia dan akhirat walaupun mungkin tak dengan Dina. Dua-dua orang ni nampak macam nak rapat dengan Dina, Dina try untuk kawan dengan dua-dua orang tapi ntah lah seperti ada ja masalah, seperti Allah tak mengizinkan Dina untuk buat macam tu. Dina pening dah dengan masalah ni. Malam ni Dina dah buat keputusan nak ajak kedua-dua Hamba Allah tu tutup buku lama and bukak buku baru untuk kehidupan yang baru. Insya-Allah dengan izin-Nya apa yang Dina plan ni good for 3 of us. And Dina berharap sangat-sangat yang both of them agree ;D Okay thanks for reading, Sayang you all!


"Please pray for three of us happiness and not forgotten for Zulaikha,Syakirah,Syafiqah,Hana and Nadreen's happiness too. Cause those person always be there with 3 of us when we fought each other. Thank You Guys."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nadia Sabrina's Birthday Party ♥

~ Bon Anniversaire Nadia ~

"Assalamualaikum Nadia, Bon anniversaire! Sanah helwa! Selamat Hari Jadi! Happy Birthday!
hehe banyak bahasa kan. Thank you for the party awak! xD Love It! Amazing! You give me chance to show my talent (singing) that night! Thank you so much :* Btw Hope you like the present that I gave you! One more thing I hope you will forgive me if I ever hurt your feeling! Sorry!Bye."


Hye Peeps! Everyone okay? Dina here is fine, Alhamdulillah. Okay this post is going to take your time a bit. But I am really hope you will read it! especially Nadia you must read! ^_^. It's about Nadia Sabrina's Birthday Party! She's is my adopt sister LOL! nah! She's my close friend! I met her when I was 6-7 years old I think.We met at Abu Dhabi. It was awesome to know her and to be close with her. So 8/1/12 is her birhtday and she made a party at her house. Let me think who's attending her party! Let me make a list okay.

  • Muqri
  • Faris Haikal
  • Farhan
  • Zaim Badrul (tapi balik awal)
  • Izzat Jemat
  • Iman Hafiz
  • Akhmal Idris
  • Aiman Idris
  • Amir
  • Ilyana
  • Dina
  • Farhana
  • Zulaikha
  • Hana
  • Syakirah
  • Syafiqah
  • Jasmin
  • Annisa
  • Habibah
  • Dania
  • Darin
  • Tikah
  • Sofea
  • Sara
  • Adriana
  • Farhana Zaini
  • Fathiah Zaini
  • Sabrina Jemat
  • Zulaikha Athirah
  • Amirah Syuhada
  • Nadia Sabrina ( obviously )
  • Fatin Elyana
( Sorry If I didn't put your name :D I can't remember! well, there's many people. HeHe ^^ )

Okay,the party was amazing! We also play a game. Here's the game that we played.
  • "Bola Beracun" which we have to keep passing the ball while the music is playing and when the music stop the person who holding the ball have to choose papers that contents dare in it. The person will choose any paper, read it and do the dare.
After that, we have to practice to make a performance for Nadia! We can either dance, acting, singing and etc. The boys group were doing dancing only. The girls group were acting and singing. ^_^

While we playing "Bola Beracun". The ball had stop at me and the dare I have to do is easy-peasy-simple-pimple! Just saying Happy Birthday to Nadia =)
And while we're perform a dance/singing to Nadia, I was the only who sing and others are acting. *So Nervous* I'm singing ~ Cinta Muka Buku from Najwa Latiff ~ and others are acting like those people in the video clips! :)

Okay Bye sayang-sayangku! Terima Kasih sebab baca ;) See ya in next post! :p