Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday to My Twinnies !

On the 25th or 26th May 2014- my twinnies had turned fourteen!
Why 25th OR 26th?? It is because I'm really not sure about 
it- plus even the twinnies themselves aren't sure 
when exactly was their DOB- either 25th or 26th.
#SHOCKINGFACT's 2,24 am - 29th May 2014. I can't sleeeeeep people! So I thought, I might as well do something that's at least going to make someone smile..Well Let's Hope They Do Smile While Reading This.
Who are 'THEY'?
Of course, you guys. Yeaaaah You Guysss! 

Okieeeee. first of all, I'm so so so sorry for a super late birthday wishes! Le me le very le busy le. I hope you guys do know that you guys are still so special to me manhh. Cuma ambe dok dang nak menaip semua ni ja cause we were all so busy with exams and stuff. Pahe dok? :P

Oneyy Oneeyy! Ko Korang.. Korang.. dah 14 tahun!
PERGHHHHHHHH! Tua daaaah *roll eyes, hands on shoulder*
*Wiggle wiggle wiggle* Wopss. Okay back to the topic !
Btw, here comes the exciting moment..
Let's #throwback to 2011 when I first met you guys in year 6. I have to admit that I did take some times to recognize the differences in you two. I still remember how I walked up to both of you and pointed out

"Awak...kakak kan? And yang ni adik? Kann?!" 
"You're the older sister right...and you're the younger one. Am I right!?"

But, it was such an epic faaail..cause it was actually the other way round, but I eventually passed that stage. However, after passing that stage of recognizing the differences- I then had problems with matching the names with the faces. Kihkihkih. But, nowww guess whaaaat. 
I can just tell which one is which even with my eyes closed ^_^

 I really hope that both of you will be willing to forgive me if I've ever hurt any of your feelings. I'm pretty sure I did. But, heyy sometimes the person that you argue the most with, is the person that you actually love the most. TADAAA. tu maknanya saya lah yang paling sayang korang. NAHHHTT. Jkjk, takkan lah tak sayang.You guys are the people that are always there when I'm not in the mood and need someone to make me laugh. You guys were there and I really hope that you guys will always be there. To cheer me up. To make me smile. And sometimes even to ease my burden.
I'd loveee to type more you knowww, but it's already 3:12am at the moment. *YAWN* nowww I feel sleepy. My bed is calling me. And I have school tomorrow. Hehehe. So, I'm going to stop here and once again.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SYAFIQAH & SYAKIRAH!
Konichiwa. Watashiwa. Watchaaaaaaaaaaaa!! *karate mode on*
Haaaa Hamik Kauu!! Merepek apa dah ni. Mengantuk sebenaqnya xD

Terribly sleepy, not sure what I'm on about anymore. So..ANNYEONG:)

Lots of love from Dina 
Ya ya Dina yang suka gelak sampai suara tak keluaq
+ jatuh atas lantai -> pastu ayaq mata meleleh tu lah ;)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"How do you know when it's over?"
"Maybe when you feel more in love with the memories 
than with the person standing in front of you."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Ilyana Athirah !

It's the 27th March 2014 and someone has just turned fourteen today.
Hurm..someone special, who could it be?
It's Ilyana Athirah's birthday!
 A girl that has been so important in my life since we first met in Dukhan, Qatar. A girl that had taught me a lot of lessons in life. A girl that have helped me in becoming more mature while dealing with problems in life.
Allahuakhbar '-'
People would not believe how much we've been through these 4 years
on getting know each other more and more. We've literally been through
everything together! We got into so many troubles (kinda) 
We have so many crazy and weird moments together.
We've cried a litre of tears together.
 Hahahah. Sometimes it is quite sad to remember all
 of the things that had happened.
But, most of the time it just turned out to be hilarious cause whenever I look back, I realized how immature we were. Hehehehehe. Kan kan kan, betui dak? Tak larat gelak bila teringat balik.
  Maluuu cheqqqq .__.
O m g. It's hard to believe that you're fourteen now makcikk! Tua sudah xD
It seems like only yesterday we had our first sleepover/
movie night/PS3 night/ (whatever you wanna call it) at my old flat house.
It seems like only yesterday we were playing the roller blade together.
It seems like only yesterday we fought, cried then repeated it all over again.
It seems like only yesterday we bought the same clothes in CityCentre.
And it seems like only yesterday I asked you during your very first school assembly:
 "Nama awak sapa?"/"what's your name?"
Ilyana Athirah. I don't always tell you this. But. 
You're the best granny in the whole world! Hehehe ;)
May Allah SWT bless our friendship till Jannah. 
I love you Nenek 
Apparently my nenek looks so much prettier
and younger than me?! Vaaat Dissss -..-
I'm jellyy kay. So jelly. Do share the beauty puh-lease. Kahkahkah :P

Anywayy. I'm SO grateful to meet someone like you
throughout my journey in this world. 
Bear that in mind !! ^_^
By the way. Hehehe. Nenek.
Thank you for always being that 'someone' &
 thanks for being the best neighbour + cycling buddy ever! 
It's amazing how.. even when it's in the middle of the night,
 I can always just give u a call, and BOOM 5 mins later you'll be outside in my garden, 
all ready to listen to all my POINTLESS DRAMAS. 
-Nur Marha Irdina-

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lesson Learnt

Hey there. Just a short entry this time.

Dina. Lesson learnt in life. Never do something TOO much for anyone.

Because when you help too much, you tend to trust too much 
and then you give too much. Next, you love too much.
But at the end, it always seems that you hurt the most.
However, sometimes I guess it's okay to do things TOO much for someone.
But make sure to do it sincerely & don't expect TOO much in return. Alright:)

Cause we're only humans and sometimes we never really notices
 all the little things that someone has done for us. Pathetic isn't it :(

#QOTD: "School teaches you the lesson and gives you the test. 
Life gives you the test and then you'll learn the lesson."

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Journey

Heyyoo. Okay. As usual.. #TypicalNurMarhaIrdina .. I'm staying up late again. Well, I was playing some games with this 'gamer' and unfortunately I lost the game. Quite Frustrating T_T but, I won't give up. I will beat your high scores one day. I will. Oh yeah, you know who you are. Hahaha :D
OK. The main thing is actually, I want to tell you guys that me and my family are going to Saudi for Umrah soon. Very soon in fact. I've been there a couple of times. Alhamdulillah. Never thought of getting a chance to go there at this age, so yeah I'm very grateful for that. Thank You Allah :) Even though I've been there a couple of times, this time would probably be much more exciting than before. Why? Because I have my special guests this time and they're MY GRANDPARENTS. This is their second time going to Makkah, if I'm not mistaken the last time they went was to perform their Hajj and I think that was like in 2006/2007.
And speaking of my grandparents. My grandma had once told me that one of her dream when she was a little girl was to travel by car to Makkah for Umrah, but as she discovered the world map, she never thought it would be possible. And today, alhamdulillah we have been given the chance to fulfill her dream as the journey to Makkah by car will begin shortly. In Shaa Allah. May Allah ease everything.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm Back !

Goodness me, it has been ages! Well, a year could count as ages as well right? Can lahh. Hehehe. Owh yeah, what has been ages? *Sneeze* This blog has been filled with dusts. I haven't post anything since last year. My last post was exactly on the 12th December 2012. To be honest, as I grow up, there is so little free time for me to do stuffs. 
Well, there's quite a lot of spare times actually. However, I've got to use those spare times 'wisely'. So, I don't really have much time to update my blog and stuffs. 
Okay, I admit it I've wasted a lot of times on all of those social network mentions above and I actually have well..quite a lot of free times but I just can't be bother to update my blog. Why should I anyway? But oh well I just think that in the future, it would be great to read back all these things I've posted. Right? 
Anyway, heyy it's pretty late now. Wait, did I say 'pretty' late? No manh. It's actually absolutely LATE. It's already 5:03 am in Qatar right now. Oh yeah, we are still having our holiday and that's why I transform into an owl. If you know what I mean. Kihkihkih. O m to the g, I just remember that Mama had already ordered me to wash the dishes before she went to sleep. So, yeah I've got a lot of things to do. In Shaa Allah, I'll write again soon. There's so much things to write about, but not now. Gotta go. Assalamualaikum :)