Friday, March 7, 2014

Lesson Learnt

Hey there. Just a short entry this time.

Dina. Lesson learnt in life. Never do something TOO much for anyone.

Because when you help too much, you tend to trust too much 
and then you give too much. Next, you love too much.
But at the end, it always seems that you hurt the most.
However, sometimes I guess it's okay to do things TOO much for someone.
But make sure to do it sincerely & don't expect TOO much in return. Alright:)

Cause we're only humans and sometimes we never really notices
 all the little things that someone has done for us. Pathetic isn't it :(

#QOTD: "School teaches you the lesson and gives you the test. 
Life gives you the test and then you'll learn the lesson."

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