Friday, June 29, 2012

Why didn't I realize?!

Hi! Kayy How do I start my essay?? Essay?? Haha no Laah :D
I spend my life in quite many different countries and states..
But only in Two different schools in 2 different countries..
And it is quite upset me, that every time I got new friends and we started to be so closed,
I have to move to other places, countries, states and what so ever.. :(
Sometimes I'm kind of giving up of this -moving- life..
I'm feeling like me & my family living in an air plane..yeah I mean like we can just move anywhere we want, to any countries we want...( >.< )
I feel like I'm the most unlucky person :\

But actually I didn't realize that I'm lucky that what I thought (Astaghfirullah)..I just realize that there are a lot more people in this world that has never get to feel boarding the air plane and just stay in the same country and also never seeing the the other countries..Ya Allah why I still don't know how to be grateful to You..I have everything that I need!! But I'm still being so greedy! Thank You for everything Ya Allah..Thank You for giving me:

~ A fabulous MoM
~ An amazing DaD
~ An incredibly awesome Brothers
~ Caring friends
~ A happy family
~ Spectacular aunties and uncles
~ Wonderful grandparents
~ Best teachers


Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Feeling :'-\

I'm getting older now,
No longer a child,
Not yet an adult,
But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

Sometimes a silent tear fall from my eyes
As I fell on my knees and cry
No one can see the pain that filled my life
Because it doesn't show in my eyes

Sometimes I feel bad of myself..
When every bad things that happen between me with someone,
They must put a blame on me,
They just judge by what they see,
They don't know what I'm feeling inside,
They don't realize how much I hurt deeply inside my heart hearing their harm words,
I just don't really like to tell people about my feelings,
I always keep it there and it really hurts..

Why must put a blame on me?
Am I that bad?
They only hear her/his story but they don't even wanna hear my story..

Sometimes I feel like I'm living all alone in this world.....
But when I think about Allah,
When I remember that He is there,
That He is watching me all time,
That He is testing me to be a better person,
I always stand up again,
And this time I stand up again for the sake of Allah......... =)