Saturday, May 30, 2015


To be honest, I'm scared of being happy.
TOO HAPPY I mean. I'm scared. Sebab orang kata ;
"Jangan dok seronok lebih, satgi takut teriak lebih."

Jujur Aku Takut.

Maybe that sounds pretty weird. 
Tapi sungguh aku takut untuk rasa bahagia. 
Aku takut kalau rasa bahagia tu ditarik balik dengan pantas. 
Sebab aku tau rasa bahagia tu mungkin hanya sementara.

Tapi, hang lupa ka Irdina? Lupa ka yg dunia ni pon sementara.
Sebab tu aku ajar diri untuk "value the moment", hargai setiap masa
dengan orang-orang yang boleh buat aku bahagia. 

Sebab at the end of the day, mmg semua tu akan ditarik balik.
Tapi, kalau tujuan aku dengan orang-orang yang aku sayang sama kat dunia ni.
Iaitu mencari keredhaanNYA.

Doa-doa ja lah, bahagia tu akan kekal abadi di Syurga sana.
Semoga kita semua jumpa kat "sana" nnti! 

Sebab ada dua jenis kasih-sayang yang dengan izinNYA takkan kecewa kan kita.
Senang cerita, takdak nak frust-frutst lah. Heartbroken bagai.
Nk tau kasih-sayang mcm mana?

1) Kasih sayang kepada Yang Maha Pencipta, al-Khaliq
2) Kasih sayang hanya kerana Dia,

//Wallahualam//Weeee lama tk update blog.//Thanks to Ika sbb ingatkan kewujudan blog ni//
//Just a short entry this time. Till next time then!//

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twenty-Sixth January Two Thousand Fifteen ♥

Probably the best day of my life! I'd never forget this day. You guys are the best! I never thought you guys could acted that well !! ;) So, first I was told that I was just gonna be hanging out with these people at Doha. And we're going to City Centre by bus at 2pm. Tbh, I didn't suspect anything- about actually having a party at my house. Nothing. I had NO IDEA.

So, while I was getting ready to walk to JRC and wait for the bus there, Mama kept rushing me and saying that the bus was earlier at JRC than DRC. I was like okay "why is she's like trying to kick me out of the house?" Hehehehehe. So, I went walking to JRC with Ilyana and on our way, we met 

some of the girls (Jess, Ayu, Malavika, Trisha) - so i was like ;

"Wait..where r u guys going? we're supposed to wait at JRC for the bus right?"

and they just casually told me that they're going to Food World first. I was like:

 "Ok then, could you get me something to drink?" --- and I gave the money to Jess.

Then AGAIN, on our way to the JRC, we met Andira and the weird thing was
she was also heading to the Duplex. But then, she was like:

---"Ohh Marha, happy birthday...blabla"---

trying to cover it up. And she did it well. So, at the JRC - there were only me, Ilyana and AndiraPretty weird. Like why was everyone so late. But then the twinnies -Syafiqah & Syakirah called, and told me that they're also waiting, but at DRC. Now, that make sense. Kinda.( most people lives in flat, but why are they waiting at DRC instead? Mwahahaha. )

And then.....after a few mins? hours? of waiting at JRC. I got a call from Nadreen and she was like:

"Hello Marha..." 
"Heyy Nadreen" 
"The bus was cancelled.." 
"Wait..WHAT?! er..thennn?!" 
"Emm..yea just tell everyone to go home.."

To be honest, I was DOWN TO EARTH at this moment. I was so excited about that day and everything just...boom! Then, again the twinnies called and they said that everyone in DRC was also walking home now, since there was no bus. I felt like crying. Seriously. Then, Ilyana and Andira were convincing me that its okay:  

THEN, I got a call from Mama She was like Omg how did this happen and stuff, PRETENDING to feel sorry for me. HAHAHA. And then she said wait there..I'll ask Aunty Zana to fetch you and your friends there. Just come home and we order pizza and just watch movie or something. I was like fine then, but my money was with Jess. Then I realized:

"Wait...where are they? They should be back at this time. It's just food world." 

-So I called Jess using ILYANA's phone.

"Jess, where are you?"
"We're in Marha's house"
"Huhhh? Marha's house?"
"Wait..what? This is Marha"

Then she ended the call. I was like:

---"Why is she saying that she's in my house?" --- to Andira & Ilyana

And Andira was like:

---"Huhh? Your house? Hahahhah maybe she's drunk."--- NICE ACTING ANDIRAAA!

After a few mins, Aunty Zana arrived and took us home. 
Then, when I was in the car - Trisha called me : 

"Marha..we have your money. So we're just gonna go to your house and give it to your mum."

"Oh OK! Wait there, just wait there, I'm on my way back home."


"Wait, you already gave her or you're going to give her? Please, just wait there. I'm coming."

*CHAOS* I cant remember how our conversation ended (?), Mwahahaha.

And as soon as I arrived home, I asked Mama if any of my friend came over and gave her the money. At first, she was like..No. Then, Mama who knew nothing about this, as it wasn't part of the plan. (Hahaha non-scripted)...was BLANK for a moment. But, she then quickly replied spontaneously:

"Oh maybe they have given it to Apit or Muqri cause I was in the toilet..Blahblahh."

So, I headed straight to the front door. And Mama stepped in first, but she she was holding the door just enough for her to fit in. I was like okaaaaayyyy. She's hiding something, but then she just went inside. I opened up the door and I saw loads of shoes. I was still BLANK. YES. SERIOUSLY. I was like okayyyy. What's happening..??

I felt empty. blank. But, I opened the door once again and :')


Ok. That's it. I don't think anyone even read this.

♥ Lydia, Malavika, Varsha, Ayu, Jess, Trisha, Xyra, Ilyana, Hana S, Nadreen, 
Andira, Salma, Syafiqah, Zulaikha, Syakirah, Breezy, Hana B, Nilofer, Hajira

♥ Mamaaaaa

♥ Dion, Khalid, Abid, Hisham, Apit
♥ Muqri Apit - My Boys

Thanks for the food, presents, drama, prank.. EVERYTHING. Thanks for EVERYTHING GUYS!
// Dont' know what have I ever done to deserve this //