Monday, September 19, 2011

100 already!! :p

Hey Assalamualaikum...
Do you know what do I meant by '100 already'
hehe...I mean my followers already 100...
actually now is already 102 haha..

the person who lucky to be my 100's followers is
....Arfa Syazwina....
...she is my little aunty..
Sorry,win I think people couldn't belives that
you're my aunty..haha :D
Okay that's all...
take care win..
miss your brother and sister
-paksu Muhammad and makcik Fiqah


HOT* = read at my updates box :P

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

®℗ 9 Days Left :'( ®℗

Hi everyone!! How are you?
Hope all of you guyz fine :)
But I feeling not so well,cuz I have a little bit fever
plus stomach ache :-(

You know why I highlight the number "23" on the calendar..
I don't know some how it's the sad day for me or the happy day for me...
because in the same day,both of the feelings appear.

Sad because -

  • Gonna leave my country "Malaysia"
  • Gonna leave my family *except mama,papa and my 2 brothers* at Malaysia
  • Gonna leave my bestfriend
Happy because -

  • Gonna start my new school life at Secondary School
  • Gonna meet my bestfriends at Qatar
  • Gonna buy hp = samsung hello kitty s5230 *Insya-Allah*

Here is something I wanna say to my friends at Dukhan English School.
for you guyz information,i gonna back to qatar this 23/9!!!
and I want to go to school on 25/9!! Anno most of you guyz miss me ryte?
haha just kidding don't feel like I'm so OVER!! haha :D
Okay2!! Bye2 so excited to meet you guyz soon...hehehe

- miss you so much Mrs.Cole!! -

My class teacher.
My lovely teacher.
The kindness teacher ever.
The beauty and preety teacher ever.
And the most thing,my FAVOURITE teacher! ♥

Monday, September 5, 2011

®℗ Edit Blog ®℗

* cute*

Assalamualaikum! Hey ya guyz! How are you?
Good or Bad? I'm good,Alhamdulillah..

I think I didn't update blog for only about 1 week,
but I feel like so long I didn't update.Weirdo right?
Oh,I wanna ask you something..
how's my blog looking? is it nice,cute,good? hehe :D
I didn't update blog for only 1 week,but I did edit blog
almost everyday to make my blog look good,
cuz I can't make it looks perfect right?
I follow a tutorials from Sis Lettha blog.
Her tutorial is so GOOD.I give her 5 stars for her tutorials.
And if there is 1000 stars I would give 1000 stars for her tutorials.
My blog template also credit from her.Nice right?there's is more,
you can go to her blog okay.. - -

Here is an expression from me to Sis Lettha :
Assalamualaikum Sis,thanks so much for all your tutorials.
I love it so much.I wish I could be like you,SO PERFECT!
One more thing,I really wish that you will follow me.
Cuz you said "
kalau Lettha nilai blog itu pantas di Follow, Lettha follow"
-sya harap sya pantas ✌peace✌-

That's all,bye-bye! taa-taa ✔