Tuesday, September 13, 2011

®℗ 9 Days Left :'( ®℗

Hi everyone!! How are you?
Hope all of you guyz fine :)
But I feeling not so well,cuz I have a little bit fever
plus stomach ache :-(

You know why I highlight the number "23" on the calendar..
I don't know some how it's the sad day for me or the happy day for me...
because in the same day,both of the feelings appear.

Sad because -

  • Gonna leave my country "Malaysia"
  • Gonna leave my family *except mama,papa and my 2 brothers* at Malaysia
  • Gonna leave my bestfriend
Happy because -

  • Gonna start my new school life at Secondary School
  • Gonna meet my bestfriends at Qatar
  • Gonna buy hp = samsung hello kitty s5230 *Insya-Allah*

Here is something I wanna say to my friends at Dukhan English School.
for you guyz information,i gonna back to qatar this 23/9!!!
and I want to go to school on 25/9!! Anno most of you guyz miss me ryte?
haha no..no..no..I just kidding don't feel like I'm so OVER!! haha :D
Okay2!! Bye2 so excited to meet you guyz soon...hehehe

- miss you so much Mrs.Cole!! -

My class teacher.
My lovely teacher.
The kindness teacher ever.
The beauty and preety teacher ever.
And the most thing,my FAVOURITE teacher! ♥