Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dukhan is FREEZING!!

Hye Peeps! How are you guys??
Some of you might know that I'm living at Dukhan,Qatar.
Near Saudi Arabia..
But that doesn't mean all the time is HOT!
*tak panas -,- freezing ade lah..percayalah!*
Actually this country also has 4 season.

Best kan!?
Nice right..

So for now Dukhan is Winter..What a happy season..
I love this season so much..Even though tonight it is 16 degrees..
It's really make me freezing ^_^
too cold for me but maybe not for 'orangputih'
bagi diorang biasa je 16 degrees neh..
tapi for me rasa mcm dh nak beku..
And also tonight it's raining..(hujan lebat)
Sampai banjir dekat depan DRC (Dukhan Recreation Centre).
Boleh naik sampan doo;
And the weirdest thingy is there's also pupils at school
doesn't wear jumper or jacket..WEIRD!
They don't feel cold don't they?!
So in my house there's no fan..all section is Air Conditioner..
So we're not open it at all..but at night each bedroom must open A/C
I opened 26 degrees..It's warm and calm..
Okey then too much typing..please comment (letih =,=)
Bye2! See Ya!
* Qatar's Flag*

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Lovely! ❤

Hye peeps! Say Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Nad!
Nadreen ❤ you!!

Happy Sweet 12th Birthday
My Funky 3! Yo Nad! I love you kakak! (sister)..
May Allah bless you always! Preety xD
This is the Birthday Girl :* she's the one who get closed her eyes*

This is another photo :*Preety ya xD She is mix Sudan and Egypt..So much Preety Love He
r ❤*

( Poems For You Nad! )

You have become my closest friend,
It’s been just about a year,
And you’re the one I turn to,
When I’m down and need an ear.

Ever since the day you told me your secret,
I have changed my ways for the better,
And I started to feel,
Like I actually matter.

You have always been there for me,
As I have been for you,
I hope we never drift apart,
I don’t know what I’d do without you.

You’ve become so important in my life,
Things would be different without you,
I’d still be a bit of a tool,
And I’d always be feeling blue.

I thank you for all the times we’ve shared,
It has been the best year ever,
Even when we go our separate ways,
The bond we share, I will never sever. :*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are you my bestfriend?

* this picture doesn't mean anything to the post*

Hye peeps! Tengah sedey nieh..tadi sy nangis je soraang2 lam bilik..
sedih bila baca status org ni..
dya tulis quote about friendship and blablabla..
tapi she don't even tag me..
dya ckp i am her bestfriend forever
but i don't think so she feel that
dya tag someone that new in her life and there's also
of course her old bff..
but i don't care about her old bff cuz i know she still
miss them, even me i still miss my old bff..
maybe dya tk pernah suke kawan ngan sy pon..
maybe she hates me actually but i didn't
realize that so far..
maybe she's not really like to friends with me..
tapi kitaorang rapat sangat kat skolah xD
i'm happy when we're together..
maybe she just pretend that nothing will change
after the new pupil came..but in her heart it does..
but i will still smile and just be me!
but maybe she not loving me like i love her..
maybe i just being crazy by myself! :'(

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 100-110 my followers ♥

Hye peeps! Ingat lagi tk dina ckp nk letak dina punye top 100-110 followers?
lupe la tu...ermm anda dh tua lerr dk pun mkn semut 44 kali ni hehe :p
so this time dina akan letak link kesemua top2 tu ye xD
TOP 100-110 FOLLOWERS of Pink & Purple
  1. Mizz ErMa
  2. nurul
  3. Blues Riders
  4. hati yg bersih lg suci Nurfarah Athira
  5. littleimie
  6. Nur Izza Irdina
  7. ayu choco
  8. ~hanysha~
  9. dean
  10. farhana
Well Done you guys!
You guys don't really have a present hehe :p
but thank you for be nice following my ugly blog :)

I just like taking picture by my self (=

Hey peeps! Sape suke ambil gambar?
most of all people in this world will say 'me'
Saye selalunye ambil gambar gune youcam kat lappy.
tk yah susah
nak beli nikon :p
hehe..teringin jugak ler nak nikon,mana ade org tk teringin nk nikon kan?
nikon tu super lah! famous giler! Kalau ikut kan di hati nak polaroid sben
nk yg ni..ma beli kan boleh? dak pun sape syg sy boleh la tolong belikan?

maybe yg ni expensive sangat kot..so dina tk kesah kalau yg ni sekali pon
birthday ni nak digital camera ni boleh ma? pa? hehe :p birthday kan mcm
raye setahun sekali ajerr boleh lah.. :'(

ni murah jer! dina dah survey :) kalau mama or papa tk nak belikan pon
doesn't matter it so cheap i can keep my pocket money to buy this..kalau kat Qatar
QR99 je ni murah nk mampos!

okaylah bloggers,penat type! nak stop jap k bye see ya next entry!
sebelum pergi layan lah kejap gmbar2 dina yg tk comel langsung ni xD

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When I gets bigger my life getting tired + adventerous (:

Hye peeps! Tengah buat ape tu?
Typing macam Dina jugak ke? Hehe xD
So how are you? sihat ke?
Dina demam
cian kan,but it's getting better lah..

So how was school? = AMAZING,GOOD,BORING?
Me..GOOD not really amazing tired la weyh!
Tomorrow maybe I have Xcross Country!
Menci3 rasa mcm tk nk dtg skolah la..
penat tau Xcross Country tu!

eh? Dina nampak macam ade orang tengah pikir
Xcross Country tu ape an?
Sebenarnya Xcross Country tu kalau kat Malaysia macam
'merentas desa' tau kan merentas desa tu ape.
So it just the same but ya in International like my school
Dukhan English School mostly called Xcross Country.
So ade ke korang kat sinie yg suke merentas desa?

*eh bebel je kan aku ni? tk tengok pon title ape ek?*
So do you guys feels that when you guys getting bigger
your life also getting tired and adventerous?
I did,I feels it..
So maybe some of you doesn't feel it,so probabily you wonder
how I feels it ryte?


you just closed your eyes and 'flashback'..know what I mean ryte..
Like me! I'm in Year 7 so I close my eyes and flashback to Year 6.
I'll say oh my days Year 6 is super-duper calm,playful and happy.
Their teacher was so nice. We play much in Year 6.
We had a very happy life in Year 6.
The maths was so easy.
All things in Year 6 is better than Year 7!
But actually pupils that in Year 6 now is struggeled with the maths
and feel no much time to play and enjoy.
So wake up! You all have to know that Life have a process.
It's LIFE! so things will gets harder when we gets bigger.
Because Allah knows that we can do it,so that's why he gives us difficulty
in our life. Believe me, ALL difficulty that he test us is not meaning he don't pity tu us.
He TEST us because he knows that we can pass the TEST.

=) So Bye2 Assalamualaikum! until we meet again (=

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Blog Looking :p

Hi Bloggers! Hi People! Hi Friends!

How's my new blog looking? Is it good, Hehe ~
I just wanted to have an experience using BlogSkins
So I want to introduce this Skins creator ~
This skins creator is AskarrPink..
I love this skins because it is simple and sweet :)
And thanksyou Kak Eka for creating this skins
But I don't know where my followers had loose :(
It's okay I'll try to figure it later
But I still love this skins so much!
Erhh! I typing too much I should stop daa I'm so much sleepy..
So goodnight to everyone~ Tataa ~ ZZzzZZzZZZz

Friday, November 18, 2011



Hi bloggers... :) How Are You Bloggers..?
Now if at Malaysia it's already 7 o'clock..
I really miss my grandmother..
Sorry that doesn't mean that I don't miss the others..
But I think all my family know that i'm really close with my grandma..
She always in my heart whenever I go...
Now I got a little fever and I think it's all because I really miss her..
If my mom ask me this NOW : "Where you want to go for this holiday? Malaysia or London?"
I will say : "Of course Malaysia!"
I don't know why suddenly I really miss her..
Not meant before this i don't miss her..I do but This time I miss her more than before..

" Ya Allah panjangkan lah umurku dan umurnya supaya dapat kami jumpa lagi Insya-Allah "