Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When I gets bigger my life getting tired + adventerous (:

Hye peeps! Tengah buat ape tu?
Typing macam Dina jugak ke? Hehe xD
So how are you? sihat ke?
Dina demam
cian kan,but it's getting better lah..

So how was school? = AMAZING,GOOD,BORING?
Me..GOOD not really amazing tired la weyh!
Tomorrow maybe I have Xcross Country!
Menci3 rasa mcm tk nk dtg skolah la..
penat tau Xcross Country tu!

eh? Dina nampak macam ade orang tengah pikir
Xcross Country tu ape an?
Sebenarnya Xcross Country tu kalau kat Malaysia macam
'merentas desa' tau kan merentas desa tu ape.
So it just the same but ya in International like my school
Dukhan English School mostly called Xcross Country.
So ade ke korang kat sinie yg suke merentas desa?

*eh bebel je kan aku ni? tk tengok pon title ape ek?*
So do you guys feels that when you guys getting bigger
your life also getting tired and adventerous?
I did,I feels it..
So maybe some of you doesn't feel it,so probabily you wonder
how I feels it ryte?


you just closed your eyes and 'flashback'..know what I mean ryte..
Like me! I'm in Year 7 so I close my eyes and flashback to Year 6.
I'll say oh my days Year 6 is super-duper calm,playful and happy.
Their teacher was so nice. We play much in Year 6.
We had a very happy life in Year 6.
The maths was so easy.
All things in Year 6 is better than Year 7!
But actually pupils that in Year 6 now is struggeled with the maths
and feel no much time to play and enjoy.
So wake up! You all have to know that Life have a process.
It's LIFE! so things will gets harder when we gets bigger.
Because Allah knows that we can do it,so that's why he gives us difficulty
in our life. Believe me, ALL difficulty that he test us is not meaning he don't pity tu us.
He TEST us because he knows that we can pass the TEST.

=) So Bye2 Assalamualaikum! until we meet again (=

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