Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dukhan is FREEZING!!

Hye Peeps! How are you guys??
Some of you might know that I'm living at Dukhan,Qatar.
Near Saudi Arabia..
But that doesn't mean all the time is HOT!
*tak panas -,- freezing ade lah..percayalah!*
Actually this country also has 4 season.

Best kan!?
Nice right..

So for now Dukhan is Winter..What a happy season..
I love this season so much..Even though tonight it is 16 degrees..
It's really make me freezing ^_^
too cold for me but maybe not for 'orangputih'
bagi diorang biasa je 16 degrees neh..
tapi for me rasa mcm dh nak beku..
And also tonight it's raining..(hujan lebat)
Sampai banjir dekat depan DRC (Dukhan Recreation Centre).
Boleh naik sampan doo;
And the weirdest thingy is there's also pupils at school
doesn't wear jumper or jacket..WEIRD!
They don't feel cold don't they?!
So in my house there's no fan..all section is Air Conditioner..
So we're not open it at all..but at night each bedroom must open A/C
I opened 26 degrees..It's warm and calm..
Okey then too much typing..please comment (letih =,=)
Bye2! See Ya!
* Qatar's Flag*

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