Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak 2011 :)

Salam,Happy Eid Mubarak.This is some of pictures that taken at Istana Anak Bukit or Castle at Anak Bukit.Every year I must come here,for having a 'duit raya' from Sultan and Sultanah Kedah or King and Queen of Kedah.Also for snapping some pictures as memory.Here is the picture :]

*from left me,apit and muqri*

*from left Nda teh,Ona,Me and Mama*

There is more but I lazy to upload it.. :D
Bye-Bye...Happy Eid Mubarak,Forgives me if I did something wrong to you before ^_^
Enjoy ur holiday...


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quotes for My Malay Best Friends :)

Salam.How are you guyz? All the person in the picture below is those malay girls that have ever be my best friends....I ❤ Them So Much..Here's a bit quotes for each of them :)

Syaffiya :A memory lasts forever,never does it
die...best friends stay together and
never say goodbye...

Sofhia :A ring is round with No end.
That's how long we'll be Best Friends

Fatimah :I used to be normal until I met you.
Who are now I call My Best Friends.

Ilyana :We shared smile...
We wiped tears
and through the years...
Our friendship has grown along with us...
You are truly a wondeful
part of my life.❤

Zulaikha :Best Friend are hard to find
cause the best ones already mine...

Farhana :God really did something special...
when he blessed me with a best friend like you.❤

Syafiqah :You don't mean anything to me..
But,you mean everything to me.❤

Syakirah :In my time of need..
You were there with your support and caring
that helped me go on...Thanks So Much for Everything!

Quotes for all my bestfriend above :

My friends are the craziest person that I've ever met.
But I love them more than my self ❤


Saturday, August 20, 2011

SleepOver with Nur Fatasya Aqma!!

Good Morning ^_^

*Good Night :O*

Last Friday night,19 August 2011.
I had so much fun with Tasya!
She slept at my house for one night.
We swap,my bro slept at her house with Along.
Then she slept at my house with me :D
We play infront of computer.
That's meant we're blogging.
I teach Tasya basicly about Blogger.
Because she's new in blogger.
This is her blog,She choose the template..than I edit for her.
The header! I make it for her..Nice,Simple,Cute?
Click here
Ya..I'm not so good,only that what I could do.
My blog also just created on 2009,when I just 9 years old.
I don't know anything that time.
So now I still learning about the design for blog.
Slowly I got something new on my blog,one by one =)
Insya-Allah one day my blog will looks perfect ;)
So,back to the topic!
When we SleepOver,we had taken some photo
using Webcam..There is the picture of us,If I'm wearing black shawl and
Tasya is wearing blue shawl that's meant the photo taken before we sleep!
But if I'm wearing a black and a bit purple shawl and Tasya is wearing
a cream shawl.That's meant the photo taken on the morning,while we wake up
from sleep :)
I had so much fun! Thanks Tasya for coming to my house and SleepOver
with me! Yaa now I'm not leaving at Malaysia,but I'm now living at Qatar.
So we can just met when I back to Malaysia for HoLiDay!
Thanks to Maklong to,for letting Tasya sleep at my house and
my bro sleep at Tasya's house :D Thanks.. :)
Thanks to Along too!
Thanks to All!
My parents also! Bye-bye just till here the story! See you on next post :D


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nuzul Quran..

Today I want to tell you guyz about Nuzul Quran.
Here is a bit of explaination about it :

Events Nuzul Al-Quran is the revelation of events the first of the Qur'an to Muhammad to the next stages to be completed as the Qur'an that we have today. Nuzul Quran events occurred on the night of Friday, 17th of Ramadan, in the 41st birthday of Prophet Muhammad while he was worshiping in the Cave of Hira, along with the date August 6 610M. The word "Nuzul" means down or moved from top to bottom. When mentioned that the Quran is the greatest miracle of the Prophet then it means too much to Muslims, especially those seriously looking secrets of the Qur'an.

Verses of the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad Allah through the medium of the Angel Gabriel (Malaikat Jibril) is the first five verses of Surah Al-Alaq.

So,for who that didn't know about this.
I hope today I could share something that really good and new for
you guyz,thanks so much for reading.
Even though I already know about this,I still
learn something new when I read my entry.Because we aren't
perfect,so there could be something that we don't know before.So
we learnt it by reading at internet or maybe reading books about History of Islam.
Assalamualaikum =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Nervous!!!

Hey! =)
You know why I'm so nervous??
It's because this 11 September,Dukhan English School (my school)
already starting the new sem (semester).So that's meant
I'm gonna be in year 7! Omgosshh..So scary!
Not scary about the teachers,but scary about my first day.You know ryte,
I'm a type of girl that really SHY!
One more thing,I think my first day of school for this semester
is gonna be on 24 September.So I absent for 2 weeks! What the hell!
I'm so scared! I'm scared if in my class doesn't have any malaysian girl..
I die! I really hope Allah will arrange that me and my bestfriend,Ilyana Athirah
will be in the same class.Ameen.Please pray for me,thanks.
If you are ME! Of course you also nervous or maybe MORE nervous
than me I think! heheheee :D
Ya,cuz you have to talk in english all the time..If there's no Malaysian Girls :'(
That will be so SUCKS '-,-
but if it's becomes true,I just resigned to Illahi =')
That was the only good way to make me CALM...

p/s: please pray for my happiness for next semester.If you pray for me,I'll be so pleased with you..Thanks So Much! Love U! muahss..muahss..muahss <3


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I meant if you want to booking one,
as payment you have to find me 2 followers.Thanks :)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Melly Goeslaw-Jika (lyrics)

Yesterday I went to Jitra.On the way back from there,I heard this song and I fall in love with it.
This is the lyrics. <3

Artist : Melly Goeslaw
Lirik Lagu : Melly Goeslaw - Jika

Melly Goeslaw - Jika

Jika teringat tentang dikau
Jauh di mata dekat di hati
Sempat terpikir tuk kembali
Walau beda akan kujalani
Tak ada niat untuk selamanya pergi

Jika teringat tentang dikau
Jauh di mata dekat di hati
Apakah sama yang kurasa
Ingin jumpa walau ada segan
Tak ada niat untuk berpisah denganmu

Jika memang masih bisa mulut ku berbicara
Santun kata yang ingin terucap
Kan ku dengar caci dan puji dirimu padaku
Kita masih muda dalam mencari keputusan
Maafkan daku ingin kembali
Seumpama ada jalan tuk kembali

Jika teringat tentang dikau
Jauh di mata dekat di hati
Tak ada niat untuk selamanya pergi

Jika teringat tentang dikau
Jauh di mata dekat di hati
Tak ada niat untuk berpisah denganmu

comment: love this song OMG so touching *don't care if you're not touching :')*

Ramadhan Kareem -2011-

Happy Ramadhan Kareem =)

I don't know somehow this Ramadhan same as before or not.
Cuz I can't remember,but surely this Ramadhan is being so Awesome!
First thing is.. cuz of my first day of fasting I have my bestfriend staying at my home..
This is all because I just came back from Dukhan,Qatar last 23 September.
That's why my friend wanna meet me!
Oh forgot to tell my friend name is Sharifah Nurul Sofhia..
She is so SPORTING person that I have ever met in this world!
Okay that's the first thing..

Second thing is cuz this 1st day of fasting I'm at Malaysia!!
What a wonderful world isn't it..?!?!?
Even if you fasting at Paris,you still can't feel this much happy!! =)
*I don't know why I use Paris as example =_=???? TEHHEEE*
But the sad thing is my papa is not around me for the 1st day of Ramadhan..
Pity him break fast and sahur alone ='(
Sorry papa..I didn't meant to leave you alone but we still can sahur + break fast together ryte..
Start from tomorrow we can break fast + sahur together!
Cuz tomorrow you arrive at Alor Setar!
I miss you..I love you so much pa! <3

Okay =)
This ramadhan as always at 2-3 o'clock (pm) Mama,Ona and Maksu will go
to Bazaar Ramadhan to Sell Food for break fast!
So I will stay at home with Wan,Fafan and my 2 bro..
Cuz Tok is taking care of Restaurant Dapur Bonda..
Then at 6-7 o'clock (pm) Mama will take me with my 2 bro to Dapur Bonda.
Cuz we all break fast there..
Sometimes fafan will sent us to Dapur Bonda too..
Okay that is my schedule everyday along this Ramadhan..
It's looking booriing,but actually so fun cuz I can wake up from sleep late..TEHEEE
That's all..See ya! Next Post..
Thanxx Reading!! Muahhh...Assalamualaikum.. =)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

FashionistaMuslimahGirlzz =)

Cik Epal...
- CE06 -

Yuna Zarai...
- YZ -

Hana Tajima Simpson...
- HT -

Maria Elena Zarul...
- Peliks -

First picture...
Cik Epal.Don't know her?
She's Maria Elena Zarul friends too I think.
Visit her blog okay! The link is under the picture =)

Second picture...
Think you guyzz know ryte? The famous teenagers singer at Malaysia! U-NA =P

Third picture...
She's so damn gorgoes beautiful! Maybe some of you guyzz know her.The famous Fashion Designer.Her design is so AWESOME! =D

Forth picture...
Who is the fans of this website: peliks.blogspot.com?
I think you guyzz will know her if you read her blog!
So damn funny guyzz! Check it out her blog! LOL
I can't stop laughing while reading her blog! ^_^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bersahur :)

Sahur ni korang makan apa?
Jangan jadi TAMAK tau korang,makan sekadar perlu ja okay!!
Ni apa yang Dina makan hari ni for sahur ::

  • Daging Masak Lada
  • Nasi Tomato
  • Milo ~panas-panas~
  • Air Kosong ~sodapp~
  • Kuah Ayam Kicap ~kuah je eh~
  • Telur Dadar ~sedap en!~
Nampak cam sedap tak?
En comment la post saya ni eh..korang makan ape,nak tau gak okay~!
Rasa cam saya makan ni sekadar perlu tak? ^_^ kuang..kuang..kuang..
Eh sorry eh..saye lapor...nak bwat cam ne dah..hehehe...
Okay bye..~!

Motif gambar:: Saya pon pernah bersahur cam budak tu..ngeheheh anda pernah?? ;P


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

She's My Idol (:

Kenal sapekah dia (gambar di atas) ?
Seorang perempuan muslimah yang sangat fashionista!
Dia lah Heliza Helmi.
I love her style so much! much! much!
She's one of the person yang kita boleh jadikan contoh untuk diikuti..
My dream is to be like her..
Beside of being fashionista girl..
Tutup aurat diutamakan jugak olehnya..
Kak Heliza ni dah lah comel giler!
Mata tu BOLAT sangat..
Geram I tengok..
I comfirm punyalah,kalau kakak fall in love dekat someone..
Surely! orang tu akan suka accept her,kalau tak memang dia rugi..
Melepas Sudaaa :] huhuhu...
You know,I also have a dream daaa...
When I *cukup umur* I think lah kan..
I will be so scared of getting sins,sebab kan kena tanggung dosa sendiri..
Mestii I nak tutup aurat sepenuhnya,and I want to go to Jannah..
I meant like bukan la sebelum ni I tak tutup aurat daaaa...
Cuma before nih I tak pakai stokin,I membuka aurat yang I rasa ringan,even thought dosanya sangat HUGE.... :'(
My dream is to be a muslimah girl that evereybody loves and Allah loves..
My dream is to be a kind,nice and cute girl...
My dream is to go to Jannah!

"Ya Allah,semoga segala impian yang telah ku tanam sejak awal lagi ini dapat menjadi kenyataan apabila tiba waktunya.Semoga bila tiba waktunya I will change being NEW Irdina"...
Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin :')

Happy Birthday to My Lovely Tok (:

My lovely charming tok! ^_^


Her birthday is on 31 July...
And this year I celebrate her birthday not like a year before.
Ade cake and party!
This year I make a change lah...
Nak tau I celebrate her birthday camne this time..
I made a slideshow lah babe! Also bought her a handbag...(duit mama la atoii)
Aduhai! camne nak tunjuk slideshow gune powerpoint kat sini eh?
If I can show kat you olls lagi best an?..
Tapi yg sodehnya I tak tau lah cmne nak tunjuk..nanti lah..lain kali I try to effort about that...
(: Yang penting now I nak crite pasal Tok I kat korang ek!! :]

Ma LoVely grandma name is Tengku Najmiyah Binti Tengku Abdullah...
This year 2011,her age dah meningkat 55 years old..
She is really purdayyy woman!
You know what is "purdayyy" meants? You know? You know? Kalau tau kan senang...
Comment kalau nak tau duh! tak de mase nak crite kat you olls mende maksud dia...
I sangat bersyukur Allah still give her a chance to continue her life...
And I really hope lah Allah bagi peluang dekat dia to continue her life in future jugak...
Amin...korang semua tolong doakan jugak eh...I love her so much!!
Maybe sebab I terlalu rapat dengan dia..that's why I don't know how I will be if she gone leave me alone.....
Dia dah ibarat like ma nyawa dah..Kalau she's gone I think I also gone! I don't know lah..
Sudah! Dah...don't talk about that..You know..ma grandma is a nice and kind woman!!
She's the best..She always make me feel calm...Memang susah sangat dia nak marah I dalam setahun tu..Tapi you know lah I ni senang sangat hurt dia dalam 1 minggu sekali pun..And I hope she will forgives me..for that...I really hope... :'(
Okeh babe that's all....
See ya! again...
Love ya <3


Dear Muslims -- Ramadan is near..... I'm sorry If I've hurt you, If I've ignored you, If I've teased you, If I've talked behind your back, If I've ever upset you.The list of names of people who will die this year is given to the angel of death and this may be my last year, FORGIVE ME!!!The prophet said who ever gives another person the news about this month, the fire of hell is haram for them. :) (This status is not about the story above at all)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bulan Ramadhan :D,

Assalamualikum kawan-kawan semua!

Apa khabar semua? sihat? moga-moga semua sihat eh!
Sebab kita kan tengah berpuasa sekarang..
Hek! sape tak puasa hari ni angkat kaki!
Ish3 ade jugak orang yang angkat kaki yek...
Nak tau sape? nak tau? nak tak?
Nak la tu kan...hehehe ;D
Adik saya neh umur 5 tahun tak puase!
Dia yang angkat kaki tadi...
Urmhh huhuhuhu...nama adik saya tu Adik Apit...
Ni Kak Dina nak nasihat sikit ni kepada adik-adik sekitar umur bawah 7 tahun tuh...
~ Korang kalau x nak puase,letih lah ape lah,macam-macam alasan korang kasi ek..Cubelah korang try tengok puase..kalau letih and tak tahan sangat korang tidur lah..Kalau korang nak tahu,tidurlah cara terbaik untuk kita tak rasa letih and lapar sangat..sebab kita TAK SEDO DIRI DOH.... ZZzzzz ahaha..tapi janganlah pulak tido je keje korang..Solat and mengaji lah jugak ok! Solat Terawih jugak okay... Pastu dah kalau puase tu benda yang WAJIB kite buat tiap-tiap hari ni jangan lah PULOK ditinggalkan okay..tau ape tu..tau?...Solat 5 Waktu lah...jangan tinggal yeh adik-adik...yesh! don't leave it..Allah marah..ok bye..just till here I merapu + merepek..bye! :P huhuhuhu ~

Assalamulaikum sekali lagi....
Cyunk adik-adik semua jangan tinggal puase yek! Puase kerana Allah bukan kerana duit raye ye! ^_^ <3