Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadhan Kareem -2011-

Happy Ramadhan Kareem =)

I don't know somehow this Ramadhan same as before or not.
Cuz I can't remember,but surely this Ramadhan is being so Awesome!
First thing is.. cuz of my first day of fasting I have my bestfriend staying at my home..
This is all because I just came back from Dukhan,Qatar last 23 September.
That's why my friend wanna meet me!
Oh forgot to tell my friend name is Sharifah Nurul Sofhia..
She is so SPORTING person that I have ever met in this world!
Okay that's the first thing..

Second thing is cuz this 1st day of fasting I'm at Malaysia!!
What a wonderful world isn't it..?!?!?
Even if you fasting at Paris,you still can't feel this much happy!! =)
*I don't know why I use Paris as example =_=???? TEHHEEE*
But the sad thing is my papa is not around me for the 1st day of Ramadhan..
Pity him break fast and sahur alone ='(
Sorry papa..I didn't meant to leave you alone but we still can sahur + break fast together ryte..
Start from tomorrow we can break fast + sahur together!
Cuz tomorrow you arrive at Alor Setar!
I miss you..I love you so much pa! <3

Okay =)
This ramadhan as always at 2-3 o'clock (pm) Mama,Ona and Maksu will go
to Bazaar Ramadhan to Sell Food for break fast!
So I will stay at home with Wan,Fafan and my 2 bro..
Cuz Tok is taking care of Restaurant Dapur Bonda..
Then at 6-7 o'clock (pm) Mama will take me with my 2 bro to Dapur Bonda.
Cuz we all break fast there..
Sometimes fafan will sent us to Dapur Bonda too..
Okay that is my schedule everyday along this Ramadhan..
It's looking booriing,but actually so fun cuz I can wake up from sleep late..TEHEEE
That's all..See ya! Next Post..
Thanxx Reading!! Muahhh...Assalamualaikum.. =)


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