Sunday, August 14, 2011

Booking your header HERE!

*This is my bro blog,i design his ryte*

*This is also simple but sweet*

*The background of this header is base on the Title 'Polka',so I do
Polka Dots*

*This is one of the very simple header that I make*

You guyz want a nice,cute,sweet or romantic
header for your blog? This is the way for you to booking..

Ways to reserve your header :

Leave me a message at shoutbox.Say that you're gonna add me and send me a message at facebook because you want to booking a header.Then you send me picture that you want to put
at your header.Then I'll arrange all about it.

Hope you try to booking one =)
This is F.O.C
Free of Charge.
But I replaced it by followers.
I meant if you want to booking one,
as payment you have to find me 2 followers.Thanks :)


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