Saturday, August 20, 2011

SleepOver with Nur Fatasya Aqma!!

Good Morning ^_^

*Good Night :O*

Last Friday night,19 August 2011.
I had so much fun with Tasya!
She slept at my house for one night.
We swap,my bro slept at her house with Along.
Then she slept at my house with me :D
We play infront of computer.
That's meant we're blogging.
I teach Tasya basicly about Blogger.
Because she's new in blogger.
This is her blog,She choose the template..than I edit for her.
The header! I make it for her..Nice,Simple,Cute?
Click here
Ya..I'm not so good,only that what I could do.
My blog also just created on 2009,when I just 9 years old.
I don't know anything that time.
So now I still learning about the design for blog.
Slowly I got something new on my blog,one by one =)
Insya-Allah one day my blog will looks perfect ;)
So,back to the topic!
When we SleepOver,we had taken some photo
using Webcam..There is the picture of us,If I'm wearing black shawl and
Tasya is wearing blue shawl that's meant the photo taken before we sleep!
But if I'm wearing a black and a bit purple shawl and Tasya is wearing
a cream shawl.That's meant the photo taken on the morning,while we wake up
from sleep :)
I had so much fun! Thanks Tasya for coming to my house and SleepOver
with me! Yaa now I'm not leaving at Malaysia,but I'm now living at Qatar.
So we can just met when I back to Malaysia for HoLiDay!
Thanks to Maklong to,for letting Tasya sleep at my house and
my bro sleep at Tasya's house :D Thanks.. :)
Thanks to Along too!
Thanks to All!
My parents also! Bye-bye just till here the story! See you on next post :D


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