Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Nervous!!!

Hey! =)
You know why I'm so nervous??
It's because this 11 September,Dukhan English School (my school)
already starting the new sem (semester).So that's meant
I'm gonna be in year 7! Omgosshh..So scary!
Not scary about the teachers,but scary about my first day.You know ryte,
I'm a type of girl that really SHY!
One more thing,I think my first day of school for this semester
is gonna be on 24 September.So I absent for 2 weeks! What the hell!
I'm so scared! I'm scared if in my class doesn't have any malaysian girl..
I die! I really hope Allah will arrange that me and my bestfriend,Ilyana Athirah
will be in the same class.Ameen.Please pray for me,thanks.
If you are ME! Of course you also nervous or maybe MORE nervous
than me I think! heheheee :D
Ya,cuz you have to talk in english all the time..If there's no Malaysian Girls :'(
That will be so SUCKS '-,-
but if it's becomes true,I just resigned to Illahi =')
That was the only good way to make me CALM...

p/s: please pray for my happiness for next semester.If you pray for me,I'll be so pleased with you..Thanks So Much! Love U! muahss..muahss..muahss <3


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  1. Awesome blog Dina!! I just love reading the things you write XD