Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quotes for My Malay Best Friends :)

Salam.How are you guyz? All the person in the picture below is those malay girls that have ever be my best friends....I ❤ Them So Much..Here's a bit quotes for each of them :)

Syaffiya :A memory lasts forever,never does it
die...best friends stay together and
never say goodbye...

Sofhia :A ring is round with No end.
That's how long we'll be Best Friends

Fatimah :I used to be normal until I met you.
Who are now I call My Best Friends.

Ilyana :We shared smile...
We wiped tears
and through the years...
Our friendship has grown along with us...
You are truly a wondeful
part of my life.❤

Zulaikha :Best Friend are hard to find
cause the best ones already mine...

Farhana :God really did something special...
when he blessed me with a best friend like you.❤

Syafiqah :You don't mean anything to me..
But,you mean everything to me.❤

Syakirah :In my time of need..
You were there with your support and caring
that helped me go on...Thanks So Much for Everything!

Quotes for all my bestfriend above :

My friends are the craziest person that I've ever met.
But I love them more than my self ❤


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