Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mama & Papa :')

Azrina Binti Abdul Ghani

She's my mom,
She's my best friend,

She's the one that bear the pain while giving birth to me,
She's the one that I respect,
She's the one that support me to Allah's path.

Her loves is what I owned,
Her prays is what I need,
Her smiles is what I love,
Her hug is what I feel,
After Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, she's the one that I Love <3

Assalamualaikum my dear mama,
When I'm small you the one who always near me,
You the one that be my mom and dad when papa is working to other country,
You the one that cry with me when I cry because I miss papa, I'm big and my behavior sometimes can hurt you,

Ma..please don't drop your sadness tears because of me,
You know why? It is because :

" When a mother spilled a drop of sadness tears because of her child, her child will several steps far from Allah's pleasure"
Ma..I want to apologize to you if I ever hurt you,
Ma..thank you for everything, things at this world can pay your kindness, are the queen of my heart, matter when I sad or happy you always be there for me,

Ma..sometimes your anger shows your love
Ma..keep praying for my best, cause Allah always hear your pray, Insya-Allah.

Salmardi Bin Mat Lazim

He's my dad,

He's my superhero,
He's the one that worked hard to survive our family,
He's the leader of the family,
He's the one I respect.

He's the one that guide me with Islamic teaching.

His loves I don't see but I feel,
His loves is invisible but I know it's there,
His prays is what I need,
His smile make my day happy.

After Allah S.W.T , Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and My mom, his the one that I loves <3

Assalamualaikum my dear papa,
When I'm small you not always infront of my eyes,
You always travel to other country for your work,

But that doesn't mean my love to you disappear,
When I'm small I always wish that you will be near me but you can't,
Only Allah knows how much I miss you that time,

But know Allah gives me a chance to have you near me now,
Allah gives me a chance to have a text book (normal) life now,

I'm really gratefu, Alhamdulillah.'re the king of my heart,
Pa..thank you for working so hard to survive our family,

Pa..thank you for your prays,
Pa..please don't stop prays for my best,
Pa..Insya-Allah, Allah will hear your prays.



  1. this is really sad... :(

    very2 touching.. :)


  2. NS~ I know right :)by the way thankyou for reading xD