Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nothing much to say :D

Hola! *coughing* hurmm berhabuk teruk blog ni, lama dah tak update! rindu kat blog serabai ni..Haha, kayy first of all tak de time gila-2 untuk update niee, ni pon curi time revision tau..
Erghh, next week ada Final Exam! But alhamdulillah not all subject include in this exam. Only English, Science, Maths, Languages, Music, Geography and History! Tapi tu laaa, subjects ni semua la yang susah pun kan :\ Kayy, I wish all the best for all of my friend (at malaysia and dukhan) that will be taking a big exam or even a small exam ! Good Luck Guys! And please, pray for my best too! Okay, assalamualaikum. Ilalliqak (Bye) =]

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