Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday To Me! ❤

Hi! Semuanya sihat? Dina here alhamdulillah okay je.
Okay this is old story, so agak malas nak type laju-laju, sebab not really interested to type this/
But yaa I really wanna tell you guys the storyyy!! Okay 26th January 2012 haritu sy baru je 12 years old daa, alaaaa tau la korang mesti kata alaa sy ni kecik lagi kan! okay tapi takpe that's the truth. Masih panjang lagi perjalanan hidup dina, InsyaAllah..Okaylah birthday dina tu hari Khamis.So That night I was about to go to DWS sebab ramai orang melayu dukhan gi, tapi I cancel my planned and I made a small birthday party at my house! As I can Remember Those were the people that came and in the bracket is present that they gave :

Key: * = share present

-Nasya (Cute Purple Decoration)
-Ayu (Nothing but attending the party was more than enough)
-Brigitte (Birthday Card)
-Nadreen (Hello Kitty Bag and Hello Kitty Lotion)
-Jessica (Pink Flower Bag + wish)
-Ranti (Nothing but attending the party was more than enough)
-Varsha(Spongebob Notebook and Birthday Card)
-*Firdous(Table Lamp)
-*Firdous's sister(Share with her sister)
-Haya(Necklace and Cute tiny little cup decoration)
-*Zulaikha(Birthday Card, amazing sets of lip gloss and a small makeup bag)
-*Syafiqah(Birthday Card and beautiful purse)
-*Syakirah(Birthday Card and share the beautiful purse)
-Nadia(Birthday Note, amazing Portrait of me and spongebob drink glass)
-Farhana(Jewelry and Awesome Birthday Card)
-Adriana(Birthday Note, sets of crayon and cute pink water bottle)
-Ilyana(Birthday Card, Cute Purse and my dream shirt)
-*Annisa(Sleepover Makeup Bag and birthday note)
-*Habibah(Share with her Sister Zulaikha)
-*Jasmin(Share with her sister Annisa)
-Hana(Beautiful Gold Jewelry Box)
-Salma(Cute Birthday Card)

That's All I guess! It's amazing! That many people came, but sadly it's not really fun party. Cause many people cry, many weird things happen. But still Alhamdulillah I love it! Thanks Guys for rock out my world that day :) Also I'm not forgetting my another friend! Fatimah Az-Zahra Sabry, even though she's staying at Doha. She still gave a birthday card to Zulaikha to give it to me. I never expecting that to happen. You are so nice Fatimah!
Jazzakallahukhairan, Syukran ya Ukhti! Ana uhibukki Fillah

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