Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Friends...!

_From left me,syakirah,annisa,syafiqah,jasmin and adriana _

We all at AKIS Al-Khor International School,
Watching our parents netball resistance,
We all became supporter,
Or Pom-Pom girl! haha not really,
Just give a supports to DNT
Dukhan Netball Team,
We all shouted DUKHAN!
With sprit!
First game,with AKNT,
Al-Khor Netball Team,
and we are the winner!
Second game DNT with AKNT,
We not there just Doha Netball Team and
Al-Khor Netball Team AKNT won!,
Third game DNT with DNT,
Dukhan Netball Team with Doha Netball Team,
I don't know who won,
Final DNT with AKNT,
We frust we not won the game,
But it is queit good ya..
DNT practice just for 2 weeks and got 2nd place!
I close with them because of this..
I like playing with them all.. :D
We playing Basketball and Netball :)

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