Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Break was gonna end! Yay!


My post title look weird ya..
What do you think I'm feeling know?
The key is my title..

Close your eyes..
Give me your hand
Do yo feel the same?
I'm glad you wake me up..
I actually just wanna ask you to close your eyes.
But look what's happen know.
I'm started singing and dreaming If I am a Princess Loofa
just such as Breezy.
ooooo no...I just kidding..
haha..it's funny,,,
maybe some of you don't know who is Princess Loofa
and who is Breezy.
Just Dukhan English School student know it.
Are you close your eyes know..
and your answer is on your head know?
because the answer will come after this SUPRISE LINES..
Ok,now open your eyes..ready for looking to the SUPRISE LINES..
Ready! Set! 1 2 3! Go!

The answer is suppose to be like this = You are happy when Break was want to end.

This is all 6 things why I happy when break was gonna end :

* can't go holiday at other places

* so boring staying at home

* boring

* b.o.r.i.n.g


* B.O.R.I.N.G

This just,2 things why I sad when break was gonna end :

* Cannot playing Ice Skating as now

* Cannot always update blog and online facebook as now because no time when normal day

That's all see you next time!
..I <3 you all as my friends..
..and a little bit as my dotdotdot..


  1. What you talking about d.u.d.e?
    "I don't what want to say"
    It looks very weird...
    You just start talking like kemerlingming..haha :D

  2. looks! this time you talk like pamariama..haha ;D