Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nadreen ! :) :D :P

The first classmate that came to my house.
She is awesome..

Initially,she said she wanna come to my house yesterday.
But last min her mom ask her to go to swimming.
She have to go swimming,so it's delay to today.
At that time,I'm sleeping.
Then my mom calling me,she said Nadreen called you!
Ok I go..and pick up the phone,then Nad ask me to waiting outside.
She was looking for my house.
Then,I shocked at that time! OMGOSSHH..
" I don't take a bath yet Nad ", I said to her.
Then,she said "it's ok" but I ask my mom to go out..
and I go and take a bath quickly.HAHA funny..
We not playing so much things
because there's not much times.
She came on 11:45 and go back on 2:30.

First thing,we playing MONOPOLIO.
Second ,we playing CLAY.
Third ,we playing at the field try to fly our DT rocket.
Fourth ,we just staying at the room and read my blog,
talking about rabbits and dot..dot..dot.. *cannot tell you secret..
but Live Goes On...hehe :D
We talking about rabbits because Nadreen just starting keep
rabbits as her pet yesterday,so I told her..
How hard to keep rabbits as pets..
Maybe for who that professional about taking care of rabbits..
said this " HARD??? nonsense this girl it's really easy! "
But for who that low about taking care of rabbits will said this
" ooo..ya..I agreed with you girl..it's relly hard"
You know guyz..
I have experience kept rabbits as my pets.
I had kept 4 rabbits as my pets but all of them DIED and LOST.
Really HARD!
So,this is what I want to say:

" For who not professional about taking cares of rabbits,don't kept them as your pets
because it's really HARD! If you love them and wanna look them multiply.Let their stay under
professional peoples ONLY.But if Allah let,Insya-Allah nothing will happen.Thank you
for listening to Lecturer Marha. "

Check it out here for a tips about taking care of cute rabbits <3
Tips about rabbit here! click it!

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