Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jungle Zone !!!


Character in this story :
  1. SIR.ABC
  5. SIR.MNO
Jungle Zone (3x)
I was here...
You cheer up me today !!!


I went to jungle zone last...last...last week..
I dunno when I went there but I remember it was on Friday yepp sorry.
I go with ma family...
I saw MISS.DEF with MISS.GHI family...
I poke MISS.DEF,but MISS.GHI just quiet.
Than I saw SIR.ABC , SIR.MNO with their family....0ooo I shy :D
Then I play something dunno the name...with MISS.JKL , SIR.ABC (awww :D) and SIR.MNO.
SIR.ABC sat beside me (probably MISS.DEF wanna said this to me "so lucky you! i wanna too")
at that time,MISS.JKL wanna change place with me..but I just ignore her haha :D
because I wanna seat with SIR.ABC muahahah :D So,MISS.JKL sat next to me with SIR.MNO...
I sat next to SIR.ABC and MISS.JKL..hehe :D

Moral of this story : Just wanna make MISS.DEF jealous..haha just wanna tell you all
that I sat next to SIR.ABC haha :D

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