Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dreams..


I've always dream,
A muslimah friends..
A nice friend..
A kind friend..
A truthful friend..
An ungrateful friend..
and she happy if I ask for help.
She's happy to help me..

I think I found a friend that exellent all things that I wanted too.
Her name is Sofhia.
Now I can't met her.
I staying far away from her.
She staying at Malaysia.
But I'm staying Qatar.

Once,we had became a best friends and untill now we still BFF.
But it just for me,I don't know wether she still accept me as her BFF or not.
I just very-very hope she still accept me as her BFF.
Even we staying far,my sprit of being her BFF still close.
I don't have BFF here,and I don't want a BFF because Sofhia is the only my BFF
in this world.
She have many same things like me.
She likes to acting just like me.
She likes to singing just like me.
She always dreaming for being a Princess,just like me!

Ok Sofhia.
Don't be mind I've always remember you.
(: !BFF! :)

Love Marha. <3

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