Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Can Be Patient ,,,,,


Life is really-really unexpected.
I just asking,not attack.
I won't tell who is the people that said I attacked her/him at her/him blogger.
I won't tell you because people have their own privacy.
Maybe I just tell people that I comfortable to share with.
This word "because people have their own privacy"
make me always control my anger feelings
for not disclose personal information of a person.
Such as her/his name,age and others.

Her/him blog is so cute.
I loves it.
( look!! even I getting mad with her/him but I still telling the truth
that I loves her/his blog )
She/he like to share a tutorials
for blogger people at her/him blog.
I mean people that like to bloggering or edit blog.
I ASK her/him at her/him shoutmix box
or chat box for easily you to understand.
I ASK "hmm awk mmg x izinkan org copy..code yg ade kat blog awk ke?
habis watpe kasi code?"
For whom not understand malay or shortform here is translator for you.
" hmm actually,does you don't allowed people to copy..code at your blog?
so why you give the code?"
"hmm awak memang tak izinkan orang salin..kod yang ada dekat blog awak ka?
habis buat apa bagi kod?"
I know my words looks like I want to attack her/him.
But that's not what I mean.
I know this is just a small problem.
So,I don't want to make it big and long story.
I just end there and not debate or said something that
makes this small problem getting bigger.
I just send her/him message at facebook and try to explained her/him
what actually I mean.
I'm not saying he/she wrong and I'm also not saying I'm true.
Just Allah understand me.

For MISS DOTDOTDOT (he/she/him/her) please forgives me
if I'm wrong and don't worried I had thrown all my anger feelings to you
and I already forgives you.Truly Allah is forgivesness.
Let alone,I'm just the weak peoples.

Whatever,had been in my lifes..LIFE GOES ON before
I blowing my last breath.. :')
Thank you for reading.. :)

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