Sunday, December 25, 2011

There must be someone who cares about you :')

Hye peeps (people) !
I'm scared if one day I will lose all my friends.
I'm scared if one day they all will hate me.
I'm scared if one day they all would not admit that I used to
be their friends before.
I'm scared Oh Allah..
I'm scared..

Actually the story begun like this.
I don't know why, this term (Year7) me and Ilyana not like before,
we're not that close. Maybe people look me and her still not change, still
like before, still always stick together but I think only the two of us know.
Only the two of us know that our friendship had changed.
This term, Ilyana often crying and sulk. And I think it's because of my fault.
I don't know why I'm changed. I don't know why the feels of love for me to
her as best friend had lose. I don't know where the feeling goes to.
And suddenly Allah send me Nadreen. Nadreen always try hard
to make us (me+ilyana) stay like before. But that make me mad.
That make me hate her. That make me also getting hate at Ilyana.
I don't know why I feel those thing when She (Nadreen) actually
strive for my happiness. But than on 25/12/11 - 26/12/11, Allah give me an awarness.
Nadreen post to my wall in facebook like this =
Nur Marha Irdina Samalrdi ~ goo online I need to ask u an important QUESTION !! (:
Then, I comment =
okay lovely, i'm online now ;)
Then, I go chat with here on facebook, it started like this :

Me : why? what's so important? sup why?
Nadreen : Look Who's ur BFF '??

Me : why u ask this question?
i don't like this question it's horrible and i tell you the answer so much time okay..or you want me to answer no one in this world is my BFF?
Nadreen : No, who is you BFF
Me : ya actually it's true, no one is currently my BFF
Nadreen : :'( I was expecting ILYANA

Me : no one is my best friend forever..cuz i can't be with them forever..I only can be with Allah forever :) The answer is Ilyana, Farhana, Ika, Twins and another friend at malaysia :) also Hana
Nadreen : :( BYE
Me : :( bye

> An hour later <

Nadreen : Dina, if you don't wanna make me cry..tell me which one is the best from dukhan? I'm giving u one more try..tell the truth or i will not talk to you again..
Me : Nadreen..why? Okay you want me to say Ilyana ryte, so it's Ilyana :)

Nadreen : I bet ur just saying don't really mean it.

Me : okay honestly the best in dukhan is all people that m
ake me smile and cry and be with me when i need someone..I couldn't choose only Ilyana, that aren't fair.
Nadreen : okay fine

Me : don't be mad please

Nadreen : that's mean all that trying to get you together was no good
Me : noo

Nadreen : i wasted my time on nothing..thanks a lot both of you.. { i sta
rte to cry on this part } Me : nadreen i'm sorry
Nadreen : bye :'(

Me : if i die tomorrow forgive me please :'( nadreen all that happen is because Allah want it to happen.i just can pray and accept all that good and bad things th
at He gives to me.don't do this to me Nadreen..I'm only an ordinary human that always make mistake..without realized that i hurt somebody..answer me
Nadreen :U and her make me cry all day ... U both haven't realized what u have done to me .. This may sound simple to u or to her , but it's very h
urtful to me - this means all the things I have tryed to get u together is a waste of time ... I fell for u and her u bith played on me and I was talkin to ILYANA on skype and she told me everything and wt u and farhana r doing to her ... Dina ... I dnt know how to say this bt ... I.. I ... I dnt like the way u r treating ILYANA and I am crying now typing this all .. And after all I bet u'll do the same this and go ignore me and annoy ma and ily again ... I am CRYING :'( bcz of u and ily .... That means u r jst ignoring me .. Like I'm a statue , u dnt care what I say or do ,, thanks alot for what u did ... U and her :'( thnxx alot for breaking my heart and drying my eyes out :'( byee .... This is the end of me .. U and ilyana .. :( :'(
Me : Nadreen don't do this to me..please give me a chance, forgive me...Even Allah can forgive can you couldn't? I also crying now. if you sick of me i'm sorry. i really didn't realized that you tried so much hard to make me and ilyana be friend... there's no word that I can say now..if you hate me, i understand u..cuz i'm a meaner person that always people cry..I know i'm a worst fri
end that you ever had in ur life..i don't want this night to be the end of our friendship.

> an hour and a half <

Nadreen : I Can't stand Anymore of this .... Ofc u made me cry ..made me hate u ... Made me sick nd tried of u .... Bt Nooo I'm missin u already
:'( I can't sleep when I'm angry Wid some1 and crying ...... I was lying down and thinking about all the happy times we have spent together ... All the times we gave smiled together ..the first time I came to ur house ,, we had soo much funn ... First day of school .... Bt wt happened now ?? U abd her jst ignoring me like I am a statue ... Ignoring anything I do or say ??? Thankyouu soo much for that ^^ I bet I am nothing bt a rock that u can throw around like u dnt care :'( Let's give this one more try ... As they say always give a second chance ...
Me : Alhamdulillah..Nadreen you know what. I also can't heart cannot calm do i recite Surah Al-Mulk..when I said "Sodaqallahulazim" send this message..Allahuakbar..He understand me. He is so fair :'( thank you Nadreen..but I still mad at my self to be so much be so much mean.. :'(
Nadreen : No
don't..Subhanaallah..everyone can sometime be mean..Allahuakbar :D (3x)

Allahuakbar. My eyes drop tears, sign of my love for Him. My lips not bored praying for His forgiveness and pleasure. And evidently He heard me. He give me chance to tell me how fair He is. He send me two girls to teach me t
he meaning of life and how faithful a friend is. Oh Allah, thank you for this. I am really grateful that you give me this test, because that's the sign of Your love for me. Oh Allah, I believe in you. I believe that all things either good or bad that happen to me is because You want it to happen. Oh Allah, while I enjoying under the sun light, you bring me rain, I'm upset and always waiting for the sun light to came back. But then, you give me even more lovely things. You bring me a rainbow. Subhanallah.. :')

Comment for Ilyana : Awak, sorry lah sbb sy selalu buat awak rasa cinta sya sebagai seorang best friend buat awak dah muncul tak nak dah buat awak tak nak kesian dengan saya tau betapa.. bermakna-nya saya buat awak..terima kasih sbb pernah buat saya terharu masa sy tau yg awk dah beli hadia bday untuk sy..tolong lah maafkan tau sy kejam..ampunkanlah sya ye? :'(

Comment for Nadreen : thank you for everything nadreen..only Allah well to repay your
ess..and your sacrifice for a mean person like me..please forgive me Nadreen..sorry to make you cried :'(

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