Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet memory about us :)


Akhirnya saya update jugak ye blog. Before ni saya selalu jugak 'sign in blog',but tak selalu update post. Because,bila bukak blog je saya akan....edit lah..buat itu,buat ini lah..sebab rasa tak dak benda yg nak ditulis. Semuanya rasa macam 'not for readers',sebab ia tak dapat nak kongsikan pada readers2 semua. But today,24 January 2011 i've got an idea to share a story about our relationsship. The story is like this................................................................................

I want to tell a story about the teenage girl on the first picture.
She is my aunty,and I called her 'Nda Aisyah'.
Her full name is,same like writing on her picture.
This is her blog links ' '..........
If you all,want to know 'she' is a beautiful,cute,nice and kind girl.. :)
She is 14 years old girl...
She is my **A.C.E.** !!!

I want to tell a story about the free hair girl on the second picture.
She is my cousin,and I called her 'Balqis', 'Aqish' and sometime I also called her 'A.C.E'.
Her full name is "PUTERI BALQIS".
Owwww sorry I don't comfirm her blog yet,just wait k...I will tell to everyone (readers),on the comment.
If you all want to know she is a cute,beutiful,tall,nice and kind girl..that's why sometime I called her A.C.E.
She is 11th years old girl,just same like me,but I'm olders than birthday is on January and her birthday is on February but we in a same years..2000.
What ever have been,she stay my A.C.E!

I want to tell a story about the meaning of A.C.E.
Actually,A.C.E. is a calling for a cousin like us.
A.C.E is create by us.
There's no in dictionary,don't find it!
A.C.E is a privacy,I'm sorry I couldn't tell the meaning of A.C.E.
Just us know the meaning.
It is really privacy,but if there's someone a smart people maybe it can guess the meaning.DH

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  1. aaa ni la website blog Puteri Balqis tu..