Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nations United Day 2011 - Dukhan English School

Date: 6 July 2011
Day: Wednesday
Place: Dukhan English School

It's about Nations United Day at Dukhan English School (my school).
It's really fun to learning about the other CULTURE.
So Fun!
As usual Malay Girls wearing "Baju Kurung" -look at the picture-
All of us is so so SWEET!! like SUGAR!! hehe :D
Mrs.Cole and Mrs.Macaulay class is learning about Austarlia Culture :)
We learned "Aborigines".
It is a type of drawing that australian people used hundreds of years ago!!
It's like drawing a dots..

Question:Where did they get all the paiting stuff?

They get all the paiting stuff from the big rocks that made a kind of red--orange colour :)

We had so MUCH fun!!
Learning something NEW!!
Hope next year and in the future we still can having this awesome day!


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