Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello ! Assalamualaikum...

Korang tahu x kumpulan korea yang ade 6 people?
Kalau tahu inform plwesseee.. :)

Ni nak memeperkenalkan bestfriends baru ni,yg pic line yg atas tu BFF lame Hana,Yana and me..dah bersatu agak lame dah la jugak and now..start yesterday,17/5/2011 kitaorang start rapat sangat kat tuition rumah aunty fid that's why kitaorang decide for being BFF..

Mule2 Ika and Twins said : kitaorang bukan x nak BFF dengan korang but between us ada one things yg really different iaitu about KOREA,korang x minat korea but kitaorang minat.

Me,Hana and Ilyana replied : we don't really care if you guyzzz x nak share secret Korea ngan kitaorang but kitaorang nak sangat together..please :)

And they let us!!!

Today,18/5/11 we all break and do things together but ada kelas yang we all different so we all seperated la kejapp..but me and Yana all same Set Maths,Class,Set Literacy and Club..ok that's all we hope Allah berkati persahabatan kitaorang and hope so we don't break-up FOREVA..and if gadoh hope selesai dalam the same day.. :)


  1. well i have but i wont tell what is the name.
    Sorry :(

  2. who are you?
    i think i know you..
    i know you upset with me.
    you are not one of the person in
    the pic don't you
    i'm good at guessing and i think
    you are n___ s___ right?

  3. no... i just wanna tell you if you want to find the korean group just type korean group with 6 member.i am malay girl but not N______ S_____