Monday, May 30, 2011

Business =)

Salam :)

Dukhan English School students so brilliant at business !
Many cute and interesting things they sell :D

This is the list of people that will be rich of selling cute and interesting charms and key chains :

1. Izyan Alia ~ Sell key chains that import from other country. (Year 8)

2. Jessica Pepanio ~ Sell bracelets and key chains using colourful
(i don't know what to called it,so just called it) ropes. (Year 6)

3. Nadreen Hussain and Noor Shahzad ~ Sell clays or charms and
make it as necklaces or bracelets. (Year 6)

Next year I wish I could makes my own business,I will import from Malaysia which is my
country.The things that I want to sell is
*never ever tell you,wait until you bought it from me -next year-* INSYA-ALLAH :)

dina =)


  1. dina jangan bagitau pasal izyan sbb dia tanak orang banyak beli bende yg dia jual

    anyways inshaallah klu sya leh gi mai skating ngan awk esok.


  2. ye ke bestye...
    ermm ye ke? alorhh kene delete ke manade org nak mintak pon...biar je lahh..

  3. dina i stopped selling cuz dey buying fr sum1 else


  4. i thought you stop selling because you already boring btw poor you :)
    hope you will get others idea for being business girl ;)

  5. lol i dont want to be business girl i want 2 be vet cuz i <3 pets n animals!!!!! =D =D


  6. sorry coz don't tell you when you suppose to open my blog yesterday :)