Friday, March 18, 2011

1st day at Dukhan English School :)

First day at Dukhan English School!

Feeling :

- nervous
- scared
- shy

First,we go to Hafiz class which is 'Reception',his teacher is Mrs Jones ask mama to accompany Hafiz for a several minutes.

Second,we go to Muqri class which is '3ZZ' in year 3,and nobody accompany him hahaha.His teacher is Mr.Khan.

The last one,go to my class which is '6SC' in year 6,and I'm also nobody accompany me.
I'm also don't want someone accompany me,because I will be shy :) hehe :P
When I arrive at my class there's nobody there,just my class teacher Mrs.Cole.
All the pupils go to Music Class.Then,Mrs.Cole give me 'homework diary' which is a book for me to record my daily homework.Then,Mrs.Cole ask me to read a story book with her.After finish reading,she say to me "your english is good,now you follow me to a place that you can choose many books there" and I just answer "Okay" because my nervous is still have,I can't talk to much hehehe :P
Then I choose a book that the title is 'Prince Albert's Birthday'.
Mrs.Cole say to me "can you read this book EVERYnight?" and I answer "yes".
But just one night I can finish the storybook haha :D
After several minutes all my classmate back from their music lesson.
They all look very happy to meet me,that reaction make me also happy.
Then we have a geography lesson.I sat next to Jessica,infront me is Nadreen and next to Nadreen is Noor.Im helping they all do the exitement even I don't know what to do but I just do whatever that they ask me to do.Group beside my group is Varsha group which is have 4 people at the group which is Dyneil,Najiya,Samah and Varsha.Back of my group is Talha group which is 3 people there which is Jaber,Khalid and Talha.Back of Varsha group is Aiman group which is Sajin,Vishnu,-not remember- and Aiman.That's all my classmates.First break I go with Jessica and Nadreen,second break with Dyneil and third with Dyneil also.That's all! Thank You :)


  1. I was gonna .... U spell sajin wrong n u didnt look nervous wen we saw u -Jessica Pepanio-

  2. yes i am very nervous but i hide my nervous face :D Marha <3