Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SAT's 2011

Hi everybody,

SAT's is normal not too quiet hard,also not too easy but I not study hard for this exam.
I just do what the teachers told me to do.They just said "try your best,just relax and smile" so that's meant I'll just try my best,smile and relax.

No I just joking,I also revised my Mental Maths with my mom at home,but if we want to score don't be so nervous,scared,don't even didn't sleep because study too much.We can just make it balance.This time I am not so nervous and scared and don't even didn't sleep because study too much like before.I just relax and rest my mind.It is really different between Malay teachers and British teachers.

Malay teachers will said this when Exam is coming:
"Don't play game,study! If you got A in blabla subject I give you present but if you get C or below it I will hit you with cane." (probably and always like that)

British teachers will said this when SAT's is coming:
"Reduce playing the game guyz,please study.I didn't mind if you got bad marks,at least you already try your best.Just relax while doing the test ok,just smile and everythings will be easy if you smile always. :)" (British teachers are cool,sporting and kind)

But that didn't meant I never remember all your advices Malay teachers,I still remember your advices and thank you for teaching me so well.This statement is just to show how difference is British teachers and Malay teachers,not comparing or complaining between them.Thank You for reading. =)


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